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The Geography & Ecosystems Of Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park takes its name from the river which borders Botswana and Namibia and lies along this boundary on the Botswana side. Apart from thousands of elephants, Chobe is home to a high concentration and large variety of other game species, supported by several habitats including mopane and baobab trees, acacia woodlands and verdant flood plains.

These habitats are divided into four distinct and ecosystems:

The Serondela area, located on the Chobe waterfront, in the far north-east of the park, is the most commonly visited area in Chobe. The verdant floodplains of Serondela are punctuated by dense hardwood forests of teak and mahogany, popular amongst elephants. During the flood season, large herds of these beasts congregate here, along with giraffe, sable antelope and enormous herds of buffalo. Bird life is prolific, featuring carmine bee eaters, spoonbills, ibis, stork, duck and other water birds. This is the only place where you are likely to spot the elusive puku antelope.

The western part of Chobe National Park is dominated by the Savuti Marsh area. Once an inland lake, the Savuti Marsh is fed by the erratic flow of the Savuti Channel. In January 2010 the channel reached the marsh for the first time since 1982 and is currently still flowing. This unreliable water supply has resulted in a ghostly landscape filled with dead trees interspersed with vast savannahs and rolling grasslands. The marsh supports a variety of species including warthog, kudu, impala, zebra, wildebeest and elephants. Lions, hyenas and occasionally cheetahs feast off these rich pickings of plain’s game.

The Linyanti Marsh, is found in the northwest corner of the park. Riverine and open woodlands, lagoons and flood plains are prevalent here. Bird life is prolific and lion, leopard, wild dog, roan antelope, sable antelope, crocodile, hippos and elephants also frequent the area. The rare red lechwe or sitatunga are sometimes seen here.
Between these two marshes, Linyanti and Savuti, lies a hot, dry wilderness consisting mainly of the Nogatsaa grass woodland. From August to October, large amounts of game congregate here and eland are commonly sighted in this area.


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