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Dullstroom Clay Pigeon Shooting

Dullstroom is a place for country pursuits and here you can enjoy pastimes from the days of yore, such as horse riding through the land, picnicking in the fields and clay pigeon shooting. Along with other traditional country pursuits, such as foxhunting, shooting birds for sport is no longer considered politically correct in most circles; hence the advent of shooting at clay target instead.

Now you can experience the thrill of the hunt and the exciting prospect of your target exploding dramatically as your masterful shots bring it to bay – without harming a single thing. There are two venues in Dullstroom where you can enjoy this unusual pastime, one is at Field and Stream and the other is open only during September at the Dullstroom Bird of Prey centre.

Clay pigeon shooting can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group and is a popular team-building activity. How it works is that a machine, called a trap, shoots discs, called clays, into the air and participants fire at them using a shotgun. Trained and competent staff closely supervise all dealings with live ammunition and guns, so you need not fear for you own safety and even those who have never handled a gun before can take part.

Anyone over the age of nine can join in and everything is explained very clearly before participants are let loose onto the range. Safety measures are very stringent throughout this activity.

Various shots can be undertaken, from the low range clay pigeon moving away from the shooter or the two ‘pigeons’ moving horizontally across the line of fire, to the difficult overhead snap shot, or duck-shot as it is called.

Sounds like an interesting way to spend an afternoon in an equally interesting and eclectic town. Known for its celebration of art, food, fishing, country living and conservation. Dullstroom is fast becoming a Mecca for the tourist seeking a different way to spend the day, and is a fascinating mix of quaint accommodation, restaurants, galleries and activities.


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