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Victoria Falls Helicopter Flights

Victoria Falls is fast becoming one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa, whether on the Zimbabwean or Zambian side. Millions of visitors flock to see the spectacular falls every year and to indulge in its beauty and majesty. However, the days of simply visiting the falls and basking in its beauty are over, with many more activities available for guests to participate in – the most popular of these activities has got to be helicopter flights over the falls. When it comes to viewing the Victoria Falls, there is no doubt that the best vantage point would be from the sky.

Dubbed the ‘The Flight of Angels’, one can only imagine how breathtaking a helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls can be. This once-in-a-lifetime experience affords dare-devil visitors a birds-eye view to one of the most visited and most popular tourist destinations in the world. Helicopter flights are a popular and must-do activity for visitors to this awe-inspiring tourist attraction. Indeed, nothing is more magical than taking in a helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. Many who have tried it would agree that the experience is definitely worth it.

Helicopters are ideal for this activity as they are more powerful than micro-lights or open planes, and they are able to get much closer to the falls, they are also more affordable as well. Even a budget traveller to this side of the continent would be able to afford this memorable experience.

Every helicopter used for Victoria Falls flights are designed to offer the best possible views, regardless of your position in the helicopter. All passengers will therefore have a good view as every seat in the fixed wing is a window seat. Helicopter companies will likely offer 15 or 30 minute flights over the Victoria Falls and have the capacity to seat about five passengers per flight. A great option would be to include a helicopter flight with a thrilling white water rafting experience on the Zambezi River.

Relish in this once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity that not many of your friends will ever experience.


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