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How Companies can Benefit from T3 services

The T3 services are present on the market for some time already, but there are plenty of company managers who still don’t know anything about them. The problem is that these company managers choose to completely ignore the T3 services, as their companies are already using other internet and phone services and consider that switching is too complicated.

In fact, installing a T3 line service is a very time effective activity thanks to the fact that only one fiber optics line is needed. Other types of services are more difficult to install as they use copper lines and require three, even four of them, but this is not the case with the T3 line services. As result of this, switching from any other type of phone and internet service to the T3 one is a very quick process that doesn’t require any effort coming from the user. The service provider is the one who deals with the installation, as well as with the possible damages that might appear and their repairing. Even in case errors occur, they will be solved by the service provider.

Let’s see what exactly the T3 services are and how they can help a company. The T3 service provides both telephone and internet connections to a company using it. They are both of a very high quality thanks to the fact that they use fiber optics, no problems appear while using them. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and cases in which a problem might appear, but they are very rare and the T3 provider is going to solve them quickly. Company managers should be aware of the fact that no other internet or phone service can offer what the T3 service can. For example, while a T1 service can offer 24 phone lines, the T3 service can go as high as 28 T1 lines, so more than 600 phone lines. The 600 phone lines are more than enough in order to offer a high quality communication between the different offices in the company; in addition to this, the 600 phone lines are more than enough in order to offer high quality customer service.

In which concerns the internet service, the download speed offered by the T3 services is of 44 megabits per second, compared to the 1.5 megabits per second offered by the T1 services. It is clear that the T3 service providers deserve some attention coming from company managers.


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