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What are a Few Different Way to Organize Fundraisers?

Raising funds for an event or a donation is deemed a tough job but in reality some good fundraising ideas are very simple and can yield bigger returns. A small investment is required upfront but through the schemes and ideas that we will discuss, will show us that fundraising in reality is both fun and can be efficient if a little effort is done in prior.

Let us look at some different ideas which can provide handy returns:
- Sponsored dance can be a fund raising activity for a more mature audience. Organizers can book a dance floor in some community hall or auditorium and, can organize a dance, rap or a disco. The participating audience can be sponsored and get paid for the total number of minutes they dance. Nascent companies always find these smaller activities as a way to market their products or show that they committed towards social sustainability.

- Sponsored sing – a – thon is a similar event to sponsored dance. Many records companies are interested in sponsoring these events as they hunt for newer talents. It is both fun and can be very successful because of below the line marketing activities of sponsoring companies. It can also pave a way for returns in future since some good performances can be recorded and their DVD’s / CD’s can be sold.

- Theme day is another very good concept of raising funds for a noble cause. College students can pay some nominal money for attending a theme day at their college. These theme days are normally non – uniform wearing days and they can be coupled with both book sales and bake sales. It can have different variations like no homework day or teacher wearing uniforms! All in all, it’s a great fun activity as students normally are bored from their everyday routines.

- Table quiz is one of the more family involving events where different families can participate as a group. The participating teams have to pay a fee and the winner family gets an award. Small startup costs are involved as only different seating arrangements, microphones and hosts are required.

- Fashion shows are another good way of attracting money and it’s equally popular amongst both the genders. There is no need to call professional models as students and parents can use their best outfits and walk up the ramp. Money can be generated from a variety of methods like sales of admission tickets, raffles, fabric designing and painting, and sales of some unusual outfits.

These fundraising ideas have showed great success and people find themselves very involved with these events. More and more people will come and make these events a success, if they are properly organized and marketed to the respective target audience.


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