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Tips on Picking a Good Fashion Design School

Education is crucial any career pursuit, including a career in fashion design. Picking the right school can help you to gain a valid advantage over other job applicants. There are many different level schools available in this industry. So, let’s take a look at some tips on picking a good fashion design school.

- Accreditation

Accreditation is one of the key things to look for in any school. In the area of fashion design accreditation is provided either by ACICS or by NASAD. It can also be provided by smaller size accreditation organizations or local providers.

Why look for accreditation in a fashion design school? Students benefit the most from such accreditation. It verifies high quality of education of any school. To get accredited a school has to make certain changes and upgrades. This way it meets general industry quality standard.

- Level of education

Some schools offer you fashion design courses. This means you get a certificate or a diploma, but you do not get a degree in fashion design. There are some good things about such fashion design programs. For one, they offer you a shorter course of studies and a more focused curriculum. This means you can start your career faster and get more targeted knowledge on fashion design.

Bachelor degree schools have longer educational programs. Their curriculums are more generalized. They do not focus on fashion design only. They also include other subjects and teach you art history, etc.

- Career focus

Fashion design is a pretty broad term. It is always more promising to start a career in a certain niche. So, if you have already defined such niche for your fashion design career, you should look for more targeted type of education. For instance, you may want to be a fashion designer of women’s purses, shoes, clothes, etc. Once you know your passion, you may start looking for best school to meet your needs.

- Tuition cost

If you wish to make your fashion design education more affordable, you need to look for online fashion design schools or for evening programs. This way you can go on with your day job and still get your diploma.

Hopefully, these simple tips on picking a good fashion design school would help you to start your search. Picking a good school means laying a good foundation for your future fashion design career and for your success.


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