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Ayurvedic Calcium Pills For Bone And Joint Health

Almost every growing child is given milk even if it seems quite strict and forceful as every mother is taught the benefits of calcium intake during her own childhood days. Many people are aware of the fact that calcium in diet strengthens bones and teeth. But quite a lot don't know how to fulfill this requirement. It is in milk, perhaps but this intake is not sufficient to fill the gap of its scarcity when people grow up and they show least interest in it. Consumption of alcohol, junk foods and soft drinks also play a vital role in wiping off the calcium.

Most junk foods and soft drinks have sugar content in them. This results in increasing the pH level (acidic nature) of the body and decreasing the calcium levels. Our body has the tendency to store as much calcium as possible in the form of bones and teeth, which includes around 99% of the whole of its amount. Calcium too is excreted out of body in the form of wastes (faces, sweat, cutting nails and hair). The body then needs its new replacement. If it doesn't get then it started eroding the bones and consumes that for use making them weak day by day. This is the primary reason why people suffer from weak bones or osteoporosis.

Calcium rich plant based diet is far better absorbed by our body as compared to some artificially induced supplement. The dairy products consist of much amount of calcium. These can be taken in the form of skimmed milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cheese, low fat cottage cheese, low fat ice cream, calcium fortified grapefruit or orange juice. All the lactose intolerant is suggested to look for vegetables like kale, spinach, soy beans, okra and white beans.

A considerable amount of calcium along with vitamin D is to be consumed, as calcium alone cannot be absorbed by the body without the intake of vitamin D. Constant requirement of calcium is needed for contraction of muscles, contraction and expansion of blood vessels, transmission of messages via nervous system; secretion of enzymes and hormones.

Calcivon tablets are herbal based ayurvedic calcium pills that promote strong bones, teeth health, growth of nails and hair. These herbal based pills are purely organic calcium source and are quite easily consumed by the human body, unlike other inorganic calcium supplements. Calcivon calcium pills advantages are: reduction of muscle cramps and spasms; and decrements in diseases like restless leg syndrome (R.L.S.), osteoarthritis, join pain, inflammation and osteoporosis. Calcivon tablets improve the health of muscles in the arteries and heart, and nervous system by giving support, strength and creation of a long lasting energy. These pills help in the maintenance of density of bone and health of teeth without casting any ill effects. These pills are mostly recommended to elderly people and women at their menopausal stage in order to strengthen their bones as they are the prime suspects of getting influenced by decrements in bone and teeth health.


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