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Herbal Supplements To Increase Calcium Levels That Are Effective

Calcium compounds are very important for the healthier functioning of bones and muscles. Let's see here various herbal supplements to increase calcium levels. As per studies, sesame seeds are found to be very effective to enhance the level of calcium in body. Researchers say that 100 g of sesame seeds contain almost 1000 mg of calcium. It can also boost the energy level of body naturally.

Similar to sesame seeds, another natural cure for treating low level of calcium is chia seeds. Presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid is a main feature of chia seeds. Studies say that 3.5 ounce of chia seeds contain about 631 mg of calcium. Hence, feel free to include chia seeds in daily diet. How many of you include dark green leafy vegetables in diet? Dark green leafy vegetables are found to be as excellent sources of calcium. Spinach is a fine example of vegetable with high source of calcium.

Apart from spinach, you can also make use of bok choy, kale and spicy mustard green to improve the level of calcium in our body. As said earlier, proper absorption of calcium is essential for the healthy functioning of bones and muscles. Oranges, enriched with vitamin C can improve the absorption of calcium in body. Besides vitamin C, you can also get potassium, beta carotene and vitamin A from oranges.

Quinoa is another natural food source that can improve the level of calcium in body. According to studies, one cup of quinoa is found to be equipped with approximately 100 mg of calcium. If you are in search of a natural food source to increase the amount of calcium in body, feel free to make use of quinoa. Do you like to drink organic tea? As per studies, blackstrap molasses are found to be as an excellent source of calcium. For the best health result, try to add blackstrap molasses in your morning cup of tea or coffee.

Studies say that one tablespoon of thick dark molasses can provide you almost 172 mg of calcium. Hence, feel free to include blackstrap molasses in daily diet. Similar to blackstrap molasses, beans are found to be as a rich source of calcium. Some among the best recommended beans that can provide calcium to body include white beans, winged beans and navy beans. At times, broccoli is found to be very useful to increase the source of calcium in body. Broccoli can help you stay healthy by providing the needed amount of vitamin A, foliate, dietary fiber and vitamin K.

Today, you can find a stunning array of herbal products in online store that boast off cure from calcium deficiency diseases. Choosing the right product holds a great role in getting satisfactory result. Calcivon tablet is one among the best sold products to treat calcium deficiency problems. Supporting liver health is a main feature of Calcivon tablet. Apart from promoting liver health, this tablet can promote healthy flow of nutrients to cells. If you are suffering from weak bone troubles like osteoporosis, never hesitate to make use of Calcivon tablets.


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