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Effects Of Calcium Deficiency And Herbal Treatment Cure

Calcium deficiency in body can lead way to many health issues. Calcium is one among the essential minerals needed for bone formation and its growth. As per studies, calcium deficiency is a found to be as a common health issue in old age people. If left untreated, this health issue can lead way to many serious disorders in people like nerve transmission and blood clotting. Let's see here the effects of calcium deficiency and treatment of calcium deficiency.

Today, there are many supplements available in stores to treat this health issue. Including calcium rich food is found to be as the best remedy to treat this health issue. Some among the best recommended food items with high source of calcium include yogurt, leafy vegetables and cheese.

What is the right amount of calcium needed by body per day? This is a common question heard from people. Generally, the amount of calcium needed by a person vary according to his or her age and other parameters like disease. Calcium deficiency is found commonly in women after menopause. Hence it is recommended to prevent this health issue by following a healthy lifestyle with nutrient rich diet and exercises.

Do you like to drink milk? If yes, continue this habit to improve the level of calcium in body. Fat free milk is found to be as a good source of calcium. If you are in search of a natural remedial measure to alleviate the risk of calcium deficiency, feel free to drink a cup of milk every day. Lack of vitamin D is found to be as a main cause of calcium deficiency. Here, it is advised to maintain the right amount of vitamin D as per the need. Some among the best sources of vitamin D include lean red meat, egg and milk.

You can also make use of sunlight to get more vitamin D in body. Presence of vitamin D compounds in body can increase the absorption ability of calcium in body. Hence try to make use of vitamin D enriched food sources in diet. Fish is another natural food source that alleviates the risk of calcium deficiency. You can also make use of food sources like shellfishes to improve the calcium level in body.

Sea foods like oysters are found to be enriched with a great source of calcium compounds. Hence never hesitate to make use of sea foods at least once per week. Today, many of the supplements available in stores are made with calcium compounds taken from shell fishes. Calcivon tablet is one among the best recommended cures for calcium deficiency.

You can make use of this supplement with any other product. For effective result, try to follow a healthy lifestyle devoid of shell fishes. Broccoli is a fine example of vegetable that assure good source of calcium compounds. If possible, try to consume salads made with vegetables like cabbage and broccoli daily. To get maximum health benefits, try to include soy bean products in diet. It can readily rise up the amount of calcium in body. Also, feel free to avoid unhealthy habits like alcohol consumption.


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