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How To Treat Bleeding Piles With Herbal Natural Remedies?

Hemorrhoids are the most common and they are frequently known to affect older people and carrying moms. But, the problem is that anyone at any point of his/her life can develop this condition. This issue is known to be common in people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. As these patients will have diarrhea or constipation and/or both, they are more likely to get piles. Generally, patients with this issue have the question, how to treat bleeding piles? Not all piles are bleeding, but some patients experience bleeding and this can increase their tension to a great extent. The relieving news is that they can use herbal remedies for bleeding piles.

What are piles?

This condition develops, when the veins in and around the anus and the rectum become inflammed and this condition is classified into two types and they are internal and external piles. Here are some details in this regard:

Internal: This type is generally located inside the rectum and this type does not generally cause pain or protrude from the anus during bowel movements. But, patients with this type generally get to know they have this problem, when they experience bleeding when excreting. The internal piles that extend outside the anus or prolapses can cause severe pain and discomfort to the patient and he will get the doubt, how to treat bleeding piles.

External: This type is located around the anus and when it swells, it will give the feeling like a hard lump is present in the anus. It will be covered by skin and create great sensitivity when touched. It can also bleed, particularly when the patient has a hard bowel movement.

Herbal remedies for bleeding piles can provide excellent remedy for both these types and so patients can be rest assured that they can safely get out of their issue without any side effects whatsoever.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the symptoms associated with piles, regardless of its type are:

1. Protrusion during bowel movements

2. Pain in the anus

3. Bleeding during bowel movement

4. Itching sensation in the anus.

When these symptoms are experienced, it is better to rely on herbal remedies for bleeding piles. This is what Pilesgon capsules are all about.

Ingredients: Pilesgon capsules can provide the right answer to the question 'how to treat bleeding piles'. The reason is its effective ingredients that are known for their curative properties.

Haritaki: This ingredient can provide excellent relief for constipation. It can increase the frequency of stools and has the property to empty the bowel completely. When constipation, which is the important reason behind piles is addressed and when the stool becomes soft, the bleeding will automatically reduce and will slop slowly.

Rasaunt: This is an herb that is used as a specialized herb both in unani and ayurveda medicine for curing wounds and when the wounds and fishers in the anus are cured, bleeding will automatically be treated.


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