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A Few Web Design Ideas That Help Stay Ahead Of The Crowd

Every year we are witness to new ideas and design trends that promise to add that extra spark to web development. While some die a natural death others take strong shape and remain popular with the designers as well as their clients for many years to come. Having crossed the halfway mark of 2015 and with2016 in sight it would be nice time to take a look at some of the ideas for website designing in New York that would help establish your brand identity.

# Photographs As Backgrounds

There was a time when most web designers would stay away from using large images as backgrounds for their websites. Pattern and plain backgrounds were the order of the day. Not anymore as we are increasingly seeing designers use large images in the background. This promotes the brand in a robust fashion and attracts attention immediately. You can use easily available stock photos in your design.

# Personalized Websites

Work from home and freelancing has become common the world over. Why try and create a corporate style site when you have renounced that style of working. Personalized websites that talk about you, your skills and the services on offer is the best way to convince the clients. Add a video where you deliver a strong sales pitch and it would work better than your pseudo corporate website.

# Infographics

These are hot and since the last two years we have seen them continuously evolving. In the past they were used only as content in most websites but now designers are making this a core part of their website. These websites deliver the content in a highly creative way to help you attract the attention of the users.
# Full Screen Video
This is quite similar to having a large background image with the only difference being you would use a video instead of an image. If you are single product company or plan to launch a new product or service in the market creating a full screen video website would be the ideal way to go about it.

# Material Design

Imagine a website selling books or one that offers mobile apps for download, having its core elements as a part of the design would add to your advantage. The user Interface design when it is molded around the products or the services helps in delivering the message in a more focused manner and makes your brand more powerful. However your New York web design company shouldn’t go overboard with the design and make it complicated.

These trends would help you in creating niche presence for yourself in the years to come. If you are looking for the best web design service in New York, GoDesigny (www.godesigny) is one that would meet your needs. They are one of the leading design agencies in the United States and cater to customers in different parts of the world. The company offers a bouquet of services apart from web designing and these include Logo Designing, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Management.

About Author: Jake Rudolf works with one of the leading agencies offering website designing in New York. He has over two decades of experience in the industry and has worked on varied projects and also had links with the best agencies offering web design service in New York.


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