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How An Exquisite Customized Design Of Wine Cellar Reinforces The Charm Of Living

Does your choice of wines vary with your mood? Well then you must belong to that league of society who knows the true definition of refinement and elegance. Your aesthetic sense drives you to taste the purity by taking the sip of wine. You then must have a habit of buying number of bottle with no intention of drinking them right away. In that case, you need to have a proper wine storage zone in your house. Most of the wines available in the market do not claim the benefit of long-term persistence. Hence you must need to have a wine cellar built in your house making it serve this purpose being a hub of merriment at the same time.

There are simple few steps you need to follow if you are planning to have a wine storage place with a custom wine cellar design in your home.

 Firstly, you must know heat is very dangerous for wine. It has adverse effect on the wines. The temperature raging above 70oF will make the wine age faster than desired. The wines will lose all the flavours and tastes if the temperature is not exactly what your wines require. The ideal temperature should remain between 45oF to 65oF.

Again too cold a place will make the cork dry and air will seep into the bottle and spoil the taste completely. Wine can be therefore stored in the refrigerator for not more than 2 months as the temperature quite obviously fall below 45oF to keep the other cooked foods in it safe.

Steady temperature is what is more important than achieving the ideal temperature of 55oF. If the temperature fluctuates frequently it will hamper the steadiness of the liquid inside the bottles due to contraction and expansion of the wine often making it succumb to seepage through the corks.

Have you ever wondered why the wine bottles are coloured and not white usually? The reason is to protect it from light, especially the UV rays of sunlight that may cause damage of the fluid inside the bottle. The coloured glass acts like a sunglass to the wine in the bottle. Hence, it is recommended to keep the lights turned off as much as you can. Though the bulbs of your house are not that harsh towards the wine, but in the long run it may fade the labels.

It is said that 70% humidity is ideal for wine storage the reason being if the corks dry up, it may let the air get into the bottle and damage the wine. This indeed happens, but practically your wine bottle corks have less number of chances to get dried up unless you are in the arctic regions. So, the percentage of humidity can range between 50-75%. Wine cellar cooling unit, thus, should maintain the balance between temperature and humidity in your wine racks.

Thus, devising an artistic wine cellar with magnificent wine cellar designs is not a quite hard job to do.

Author Bio: Jane Ford, a home owner, speaks in her article about her magnificent custom wine cellar design of her wine racks and the steps she followed to make the cellar devising a proper wine cellar cooling unit.


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