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Atlanta Tree Removal Company Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts Discusses the Problem of Freezing Weather and Trees

Yellow Ribbon, an Atlanta tree removal service, suggests that all homeowners have their trees inspected for potential hazards as freezing weather approaches. The Atlanta tree service team at Yellow Ribbon understands that certain tree issues can balloon into deadly hazard when freezing weather hits, so before you incur damage to your home or family, have your trees inspected.

Trees that are diseased are damaged can pose substantial risk to home and family when the freezing weather of winter rolls in. If a tree is weakened in anyway, freezing temperatures can further weaken its structure by weighing down the pulp or finally causing the death of the tree.

"Exposed areas in trees can absorb moisture in the air, which can freeze and cause the tree to become heavy," states Gary Robertson, owner of Yellow Ribbon, an Atlanta tree removal company. "When weakened trees and limbs freeze, their weight can no longer be supported by the tree and it is only a matter of time before that tree falls, causing all kinds of potential problems for homeowners."

The expert team at Yellow Ribbon acknowledge that trees can look healthy, but can be an accident waiting to happen. Only a trained Atlanta tree service professional will be able to identify potential problems with trees and will be able to treat the tree before it becomes a risk.

Before you come home to find a dead tree down in your yard, have the Atlanta tree experts at Yellow Ribbon inspect your trees to discover any potential dangers. They can safely treat diseased trees, remove weakened limbs, and remove dead trees to make your yard both beautiful and safe during the winter months.

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