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On-Site Printer Repair

Repairing a printer at the customer’s site on an on-call basis is termed as Onsite Printer Repair. If you have a faulty printer at home or office and are too busy to take it to a service center, then the best thing to do to have it up and functioning in a jiffy is to call a service technician on site.
Common Benefits of Onsite Service Repair:
• Your printer gets instantly fixed.
• Your productivity is regained.
• You do not lose money due to lack of print outs.
• You can get to know directly from the technician the reasons for the printer-breakdown.
• The technician can directly point out the causes for printer collapse at the site itself.
• A one-time visit can get all your printers serviced at one go.
• Very economical when compared to the expenses incurred due to lack of a printer on hand.

Salient features of On-site Printer Repair:
Printer Suppliers and service companies offer several comprehensive cost p[packages and features for on-site Printer repair. Some of the features may include:

• Quick response time within 4 hrs
• All parts included in service
• All consumables provided at additional cost
• Professional guidance
• Used equipment exchange
• Advice and offer for sales of new products
• Fast, efficient trouble-shooting
• No hidden costs

Unique offers on Onsite Printer Repairs:
Some printer servicing companies have come up with innovative offers to capture a chunk of the onsite printer repair market.
• Free first visit:
Some printer servicers offer the first service visit free to the customers to enable them to assess their service quality and quotient.

• 20% discount:

A 20% discount or more is offered with the customer draws up an on-site repair contract with the Service Company within a particular time period.

Special Benefits of Onsite Printer Repair offered by certain Printer Servicers:

Amazing benefits are offered by certain printer servicers to get a hold on the competitive printer market.

• Technician at your site within 2 hours of call.
• Get your printer fixed on the first visit itself
• No hourly charges, hidden costs or travel charges to visit your site and repair your printer on –site.
• Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance of your printer on every visit.
• Reliable Phone diagnosis and cost estimation of your printerreapir.
• Free delivery of toner cartridges on purchase
• Free installation of used printers on purchase
• Ready availability of spares at low cost due to abundant stock.
• Quick turnaround time of printer repair.

Be it printer driver problems. Printer networking issues or printer error code encounters, On-site service repair is the instant remedy for printer problems. With immediate solution, affordable cost, attractive discounting, Onsite Repair is the best option for printer repair.

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