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Manage And Maintain The Network- Server Deployment

Server deployment is a time taking process and needs to follow the steps properly. After the successful installation and performing of configuration tasks, one can start using the fully operational server system which helps in managing the network.

Server deployment is the transforming of server to a useful state. Computer server is a device that manages the computer network resources. It can be a computer program that helps other computer programs in same or different computers. It is a platform that provides an infrastructure of all the linked applications, networks and web services from the data center to the working group.

With the help of server, applications can be developed, delivered and managed to different users. Secure network and increased efficiency is due to the working of a right server. Rather than operating a single task, server deals in many given tasks at one time. There are various types of servers that performs specific tasks. A computer that contains the server program is termed as a server. There are file server, print server, data base server and many other types of computer servers available.

Server deployment is done by trained and experienced computer engineers, also known as IT service providers. In server deployment, they make a complete deployment plan first, that comprises of how to deploy the server according to the customers need. They transfer the server to the applicable form. Planning is the first step to make the deployment successful, without missing any important step. This initial step helps the service provider to work step by step and in time, and this step takes several weeks. Server deployment requires many steps along with planning.

Next step of deployment server is to prepare the environment. This environment is in terms of applications, server roles, services, and softwares. All these items are helpful in deploying the server. The network should be working properly and in case of any issues, it needs to be resolved well before the deployment.
After checking the environment i.e. all the resources necessary for the server deployment, the next step is the installation of the server software. In this step, each computer linked to the network will run the installation wizard; 1. Management server, 2. Security server, 3, messaging server. The installation wizard after collecting all the data, starts downloading and installing the required server software.

These installation wizards are responsible for installing all the required technology in all the computers. The time duration required for installing the server is 2 to 3 days in all the computers. After giving the initial information regarding the server to the installation wizard, it will not require any further information for installation process. During the installation, make sure that the installing environment is ready to deploy.

Last step includes the completion of configuration and migration tasks. This step requires time duration of 12 hours. The tools for this step are guided configuration and migration tasks page, which is a checklist that is needed to convert the installed server into functional state. Once the server software is installed properly, it can be operated but not completely functional. For completing the deployment process, last step is left. For this, management server’s administrative console starts for the very first time. This opens the configuration and migration task page with the guidance of how to finish it. Tasks should be finished in the same order as it is mentioned and after completing the task, put a check on it. These tasks take different time from few minutes to several hours. This task leads to the completion of server deployment.

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