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Leading Brands of Chinese Cell Phones

Why a great deal of people go for China cell phones? The answer is not tricky at all: cell phones created by Chinese producers are least expensive at pricing but equally abundant in functionalities. The top functionalities such as WiFi, Television, dual-SIM, dual standby, transparent keypad, quad-band and so on can be breezily discovered in China brand cellular phones.

As an enormous mobile phone manufacturing base, China has become the No.1 mobile phone buying location. An growing number of mobile phone producers show up with more and much more advanced functionalities. To be severe, following you get deeper into the China mobile phone market trends, you will be frequently shocked by the selection of incredible mobiles. The following is my personal list of most suggested China mobile phones in kinds and if you want to get much more info, read the introduction to learn in what way I list these mobile telephone brands.

sciphone i68

This model has been deemed as unbelievably comparable to Apple iPhone. Clearly the cell phone has stolen the style and functions from the iPhone: fashion shape, large touch screen, Bluetooth, and so on. By a quick look, it is challenging to separate them from each other. Nontheless, the two cellular phones do differ from the other one, not just on high quality, but additionally on pricing?aan iPone 3G is more than 500 US dollars, but how much is really a Sciphone? 50 USD may be sufficient! Other appealing functions a Sciphone is equipped with are quad-band GSM connectivity, both touch and pen input, FM tuner, G-sensor for easy navigation, Java support, shake and tilt, etc.

Sciphone i9

This cell phones has many functions the Sciphone i68 has. It is in reality an enhanced version of the latter. The very first and formost disparity relates to the fact that the i9 is equipped with a dual-SIM card slot, a greater digital camera, and FM radio recording function. In the event you like i68, you will certainly adore Sciphone i9 much better.


This mobile telephone is an additional clone of Apple iPhone. Its appearance looks really like the iPhone and it can do almost everything that you can do with an iPhone. Even though the CECT P168 is among the first clones of iPhone, it has been no doubtedly recognized as also the top one. Its calling and picture high quality are damn cool. You can take a CECT P168 to shoot photos, appreciate videos, receive radio programs, appreciate MP3, appear up words from dictionaries, and so on. And the attractive point is: in contrast to iPhone, it isn't combined with any contract!


If you are searching for mini iPhone clones, seriously, you really should check out this great cellular phone. Apart from its good-looking slick body, this Chinese brand mobile phone has some good colors to choose from, especially fitting for female users?abe she a wife or a girlfriend. Shaped a mini shape, it can be easily held in one's palm or saved in a little pocket. Searching deeper into this handset, you'll see nearly all functions other best iPhone copies have. Apart from, it wins its name having a loud ringtones, handwriting and voice recognition capacities. Sadly, it does not have Java support?aif Java is a necessity for buying a Chinese brand cell phone, you should get the Sciphone i9.


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