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HTC One X Android phone

HTC's new flagship One X is really a fantastically designed smartphone having a great show and slick software program plan. An excellent digital camera adds to some well rounded package, although poor battery lifestyle and inconsistent HTC Feeling software program program are downsides to an or else excellent Android gadget.

A curved block of elegance

To say the HTC 1 X has an attractive style might be totally underselling it. This solitary block of polycarbonate plastic is simply gorgeous and it's without doubt amongst the very best looking telephones we've anytime reviewed. Such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus before it, the One X features a somewhat curved profile that makes it both distinctive and comfortable to carry. This curvature is advanced but subtle ?a it is difficult to discover in the event you take a look at the telephone entrance on.

The polycarbonate finish around the HTC 1 X isn't new, as Nokia has made it a important feature on its Lumia 800 and N9 smartphones. Nevertheless, we favor the sleek curves from the one X over Nokia's block shaped Lumia 800. We also favor the end of the One X more than the plastic type of the Galaxy Nexus. The former is simpler to grip and merely feels sturdier and much much better constructed.

This choice is simple to know as soon as you have held the 1 X in your hands. The eye to detail in building and style is extremely impressive. The earpiece and rear speaker grills are each noticeable, but rub your finger throughout them and you can't bodily really feel the laser drilled holes. The bezel encompassing the screen is so thin it's hardly noticeable. The power and volume buttons are perfectly positioned and provide great tactility when pressed. The One X simply feels sophisticated, a phrase infrequently related with Android telephones.

That becoming said, the look of the One X isn't ideal. The digital camera lens protrudes within the back again and for that cause straight arrives into link having a desk or table when you sit the telephone on it. Whilst the lens by itself seems to be guarded by a rather raised outer rim, each the lens go over as well as the rim by itself experienced been visibly scratched following a few times of use.

The edges in the microSIM tray on our evaluation unit experienced been nonetheless left searching slightly flimsy following it experienced been opened a couple of events, while the polycarbonate design signifies a non-removable battery. There's no space for a microSD card slot, both. We also found audio output through the built-in speaker rather low. It isn't as low as the volume across the Galaxy Nexus, however it isn't as loud as we anticipated and sometimes produced ringtones and notification tones difficult to pay attention to once the telephone was within our pocket. None of those issues are enough to totally overlook the 1 X, nevertheless the insufficient expandable memory will annoy many present Android users.

The HTC 1 X has a outstanding four.7in Great IPS LCD2 show having a High definition resolution of 1280?ив720. It's crisper, brighter and sharper in contrast towards the Samsung Galaxy Nexus' four.65in Super AMOLED High definition show. It's excellent viewing angles, fantastic sunlight legibility and good color reproduction. Additionally, it has a very higher pixel density of 312ppi, placing it only somewhat driving the apple iphone 4S's ppi of 326.


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