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Tips on Stylizing Home Décor with Large Area Rugs

Large area rugs are a powerhouse of elegance, sophistication and beauty which makes it a must-have item in every room of the home. In my opinion, rugs have the same importance as a pair of shoes have in completing any look. When you dress up to go out, shoes can sometimes perfectly compliment your outfit and sometimes it can be the stand out point of the whole look. It depends on how you stylized the shoes to work with your outfit. The same is the case with large area rugs, it can sometimes be the perfect item to tie all the décor elements together or can be used in such a way that it becomes the highlight of the décor. In both the cases, having an area rug in your rooms or different spaces of the home is essential, like a good pair of shoes.

Home décor is a nerve-wrecking, challenging and pocket-draining task, as you’ll be deciding on things that you’ll be living with for the next few and some with which you’ll be living forever! Stylizing a home keeping in mind the on-going trends without forgetting your inner style is quite a mission for every homeowner should roll up their sleeves. Adding a rug is an easy way to not only beautifully stylize an area but also bring visual complexity, excitement, warmth and harmony to the overall look of the space. Rugs Tulsa has a wide range of beautiful, stylish, budget-friendly and vintage rugs to choose from. Any rug you can imagine or would love to have will be easily available there.

In today’s blogspot, I will give you some amazing, easy-to-apply and sure-to-work tips on stylizing your home décor with a large area rug so that your home becomes a beautiful sanctuary and perfect retreat you never want to leave!

1. Create Visual Pathways

When we talk about rugs, we usually think about the living room, bed room or dining area, but there is another space in the home that needs our love and attention, hallways. We usually leave them dead and unattended making them unwelcoming to the onlookers as well as to the home dwellers. Adding a bright and beautiful area rug to the hallways makes them inviting, drawing attention to the floors and creating visual pathways that lead to important areas of the home like bedrooms, living room or kitchen area. When the hallways are adorned with beautiful patterns, prints and textures they make the whole home look well-thought out and loved. Dhurries are ideal for hallways as they can be washed easily, are affordable and take wear and tear more effectively.

2. Make a Statement

Another out-of-the-box, creative and unique way of stylizing the home décor with large area rugs is by layering them and changing their angles to create visual complexity and feature flooring that grab the eyeballs. Layering the rugs has amazing advantages like bringing added warmth and coziness to the space, adding nuances of various elements, binding more colors to the mix and creating a focal point on the floor. You can layer a bold and more beautiful rug on top of a plain or textured rug or you can do vis-e-versa. I personally love to change the angel of the rug to bring deep intricacy and uniqueness to the décor. Create a beautiful corner or define the conversation area with this trick and you’ll surely love the way it adds to the décor.

3. Use Rugs to Reinforce the Theme

Every home has a theme, colour story, decorating style and vision on which it is built, right? Some home owners like traditional homes, some prefer industrial styled homes and some like to bring in the farmhouse charm to the city life. Large area rugs can be the perfect catapult to reinforce your decorating style or theme of the home and make sure that everyone understands the story you’re trying to tell through your home décor. If you want all your décor elements to be in harmony with each other, choose an area rug that resonates with the rest of the elements by looking for similar colors. When the same color pops up in the decorative pillows, rugs, wallpapers, curtains or other items, it will help in reinforcing the whole style with efficacy.

4. Use Area Rug as Art

Who says rugs can only grace our floors, rugs have the ability to beautify the walls as well! If you want to make a statement with the rugs then I suggest you use a vintage rug as a wall art. It’s sure to be a head-turn, eye-ball-grabber and point of discussion among the guests. When you shop from Rugs Tulsa, you might come across various rugs that are good, beautiful to step on and you want to hang them on walls to make an art work. Make sure you choose the rug according to your wall size. If the rug that you absolutely loved isn’t compatible with the size of your wall then it's better to drop the idea. But if size is appropriate to the scale and proportion then don’t let anything stop you from hanging that rug as a wall art!

5. Add a Touch of Oomph

If you feel that your home décor lacks that X-factor or oomph that makes the décor perfectly charming to the eyes then it needs the right mix of color and pattern. Introduce a brave, eye-catching and bold patterned or printed rug to the décor and see how it transforms and elevates the things. Adding bold and daring patterns at the eye level can make them more intrusive and in-your-face but if you add them on ground level then their intensity weakens, making them easy to blend into the mix. Add a patterned rug to your neutral space and see how it brings character and personality to the area.

Last Words

There is much more to rugs than just meet-the-eye. It’s a whole world of beautiful patterns, textures, prints and colors. Large area rugs can serve various purposes around the home. you can manipulate them however you prefer, above-mentioned points and just the tip of the summit.


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