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8 Do'S And Don'Ts For A Successful Influencer Marketing Agency

When it comes to attracting big influencer marketing agency Kolkata to help with your marketing campaigns, you might head down a treacherous road. Although it's important to on-board people who have a lot of leverage on the business, you've got to be careful not to rub them in the wrong direction.

In some cases, it can be just as easy either to get the influencer marketing agency Kolkata completely ignored or to get them to give you the wrong kind of marketing. With that in mind, here are four do's and four don't pay attention to when you're trying to get influencers to help sell your stuff.

Do choose your influencers wisely
The first and perhaps most important thing is to pick the best influencers to reach out to. You want to make sure that their follow-up is really part of the market. That way, the message is communicated to people who are genuinely involved in what you're promoting.

Do amplify influencer messages
Influencers are also under immense pressure to bring traffic to their post, so whatever you can do to help them do will be heard and deeply appreciated. You should select an influencer marketing agency in Kolkata whom you highly respect, and start amplifying their content by posting it on your own social media networks. Make sure to tag the influencer so that he or she knows what you're doing.
Do offer influencers something to entice them

Often, building a friendship may not be enough. A lot of influencers need something a little more concrete than simply posting their tweet, so you need to draw them. This could take the form of a charitable donation in the name of the influencer, or something more along the lines of helping the influencer to get even more exposure.

Do use an evangelical approach
Remember who you’re approaching. Top influencers respond to a different kind of value proposition than average consumers. Although daily users respond to quantitative value proposals such as "cheaper," "smaller," or "faster," top influencers are more interested in qualitative value proposals. This is where you're going to use terms like "revolutionary," "breakthrough" and "game-changing." Influencers want to be interested in innovative projects, but you need to draw their interest with entertaining text.

Don’t spam influencers with follow-ups
Yes, you're expected to meet through with your influencer, just don't be offensive about it. This means taking a bit of patience since most influencers are very busy people and do not have the time to respond to your email in only a day or two. If you don't hear back from the influencer within a week, it's usually safe to send a follow-up text.
It goes without saying that. But the influencers are still humans. Do you feel like you're missing something while anyone you hardly know is pushing? No, no. If you're feeling opposition, let it go.

Don’t forget to build influencer relationships
Remember our advice in the Do segment about courting the influencer? This is important because it establishes a bond with them before you can think about asking for help. Failing to develop the relationship first means you're going to come off as spam and pushy.
The company is about giving and receiving, so don't tackle the mind-set influencers. Be willing to offer back value. Do you have any expertise, suggestions or input on an influencer's business? Apply your skill or share your thoughts for free, and first offer value.

Don’t forget to set influencer guidelines
How does the influencer reach out to his follower? Through Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or some other medium? Be sure that you have clear instructions in place for how you can be advertised and, in particular, tagged to generate the most potential exposure.

Don’t rely solely on the influencer for a buzz
Marketing has almost got to take a multi-pronged strategy, just make sure you don't have a tunnel view. You can't rely on the influencer marketing agency Kolkata to create the momentum that will make the campaign a success. Consider the influencer just a piece of the puzzle, but it may be a major piece.

With these tips under your belt, you should be able to recruit the best influencers to help you with your marketing activities. Just try to be yourself, and follow the guidance of people who have been doing influencer marketing with tremendous results for years to come.


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