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6 Cool Sandbox Games Similar to Minecraft

Minecraft is loved by millions of players for the ability to build and destroy everything without limits. Wanting to repeat the success of the legendary sandbox, many game developers began to create something similar. In this collection, we will introduce you to the most interesting analogs of Minecraft.

Terraria is a retro-style 2D platformer in which at the beginning you create your character and then go in search of resources and build your house. The construction possibilities here are not as limitless as in Minecraft. Outside, houses usually look simple, but inside you can make a cozy interior and live with different NPCs that will help you. And at night you will be attacked by diverse mobs, among whom there are very strong bosses, who demand special tactics. The crafting system here is easier than in Minecraft: the ingredients here are connected with one click, so you don’t need to remember recipes.

Roblox is not a standalone game, but rather a platform with more than 50 million games of various genres created by users. There are shooters, survival games, horror, racing, fighting games, worlds that copy the rules of popular games such as Pokemon Go and Call of Duty, and many other types of games. All of them are united by funny cubic graphics. Any player can create their own mini-game and play with friends, and the most successful mini-game creators in Roblox even get real money for their creativity.

A free Minecraft-style game with similar graphics and gameplay. Cut trees, create objects on crafting table, build houses, and protect them from mobs. A fun feature of the game is that here you can create minions that will protect you and your buildings. The graphics here are a bit prettier than in the original and there is also a multiplayer mode.

This popular sandbox game has the same game mechanics as Minecraft, and in the same way, allows you to choose between survival mode and creative mode. That is, you can get food and hide in shelters from zombies, or you can just enjoy the construction. There is also a Worlds mode in which you can play with friends. The peculiarity of this game is more realistic user skins and the presence of fun mini-games such as egg wars and bed wars. We also advise you to watch Realmcraft tutorials on this channel.

LEGO Worlds
This procedurally generated sandbox is a virtual embodiment of the famous LEGO constructor, with which you can build absolutely any building here. In order to discover new blocks and details, it will be necessary to help the NPC and find treasures. You can move around the Lego world on a motorcycle, helicopter, and even riding a dragon. And of course, there is a multiplayer mode in which you can build your worlds with your friends.

Cube world
Cube World is a voxel action / RPG that combines the features of Minecraft and Legend of Zelda. At the beginning of the game, the player must choose the class and race of the character before embarking on a journey through the cubic fantasy world. In general, here you can do the same as in Minecraft - build, craft, and just explore the world, but there is more emphasis on battles with mobs and the development of useful skills.


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