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An Introduction to Jade Bracelets

A Jade bracelet is among the most popular styles for bracelets now. The texture and color of the jewelry is so unique and beautiful that it has become a "must have" for many women who want to bring some class and style to their wardrobe. But what exactly is a Jade bracelet?
When you think of "traditional jewelry", the name "Jade" immediately comes to mind. This classic material is used for bracelets due to its significance in China. Jade was used as a money in ancient China and is still used today to represent wealth and power. It's popularity has risen over the years due to its versatility, rarity, and affordable price tag.
Back in the day, there were two types of material that was used to create these bracelets that are gorgeous. The first type of substance was known as "Qian Wu". This material consisted of little zircon stones and was frequently combined with steel. These zircon stones were separated into little pieces, which made them hard to work with, and also gave the jewelry a very look.
The second kind of material was known as"Qian Ye". This substance was called “fire pearls" in Chinese. This material has been used for bracelets, as it was very soft and flexible. Due to its hardness, it was mixed with stones to produce a more elegant and durable bracelet.
You can purchase a Jade bracelet in two basic styles today. The first style is known as a “Swish". This style uses less material than a traditional Swish but has the quality feel of the Jade material.
The second style is a "Flat". These bracelets feature more substance and are usually very thin due to its durability. It is said that if you get a bracelet in a set style, the rock can “pop out" when you move, making it very attractive. There is a chance of your bracelet popping out than with a swish.
Once you decide on which style of bracelet you want to buy, you will need to find the source for Jade jewelry. You can find the Jade bracelets by visiting an online store that specializes in selling jewelry. If you don't mind dealing with foreign currency, then you can also purchase these bracelets from China.
Most online stores will also let you take advantage of their money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. As you'll be able to give your impression to the vendor directly about the bracelet, this is an excellent idea!


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