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4 Facts You Don’t Know About Mera Peak Climbing

There’re some genuine facts regarding Mera Peak, one of the Nepal’s most renowned hiking peaks that is unknown to many people. This’s partly the slip up oof adventure travel firms offering it as as a trip, whose literature can range from vague to deliberately misleading. In this post I’d like to straighten some of these questions out.

Here are some facts about Mera Peak climbing that you don’t know:

Is it a hike or climb?

In reality, it is a climb, but if you don’t think yourself as a climber then don’t be embarrassed. It is an excellent mountain for hikers who’d love a simple intro to mountaineering. The mainstream of the climb includes a walk to glacier needing basic ice axe & crampon skills.

What is a good mountain to attempt before trying Mera Peak?

Anybody who has hiked Kilimanjaro can assume themselves in a great place to try Mera Peak. A one-week course including an intro to alpine mountaineering skills would also be great preparation.

Can I witness Everest from the zenith?

Yes, indeed on a clear sunny day you can witness 5 of the 6 tallest mountains on the planet. Cho Oyu (8201m), Lhotse (8516m), Everest (8848m) and Makalu (8463m) are all pretty close to one another, and when it is clean you may even witness Kangchenjunga (8586m) on the Indian boundary far from the east. Only K2 (8611m) in distant Pakistan further fromm your sight. It’s certainly an unforgettable view that you’d like to cherish for the rest of your life.

Who climbed Mera Peak first?

The British Military executive Jim Roberts and Sherpa Sen Tenzing were the 1st individuals to accomplish Mera Central throughout the scouting of the Hinku & Hongu gorge in 1953. However, the honor of being the 1st to accomplish the real peak goes to G Baus , L Honills and Frenchmen Marcel Jolly who accomplished the peak in 1975.

Well, Island peak climbing is a great alternative of Mera peak climbing. This trek is equally strenuous and enjoyable than the other ones. It does not matter which peak you choose trekking in Nepal is always fun, especially when you opt with a reliable trekking agency. A bit of mountaineering skill is what you need to accomplish the Mera peak. You can prepare yourself for this climbing by doing some intense cardio exercises a month before your real adventure. Anyway wish you the best lock for your upcoming adventure.


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