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Natural Skin Care Cream To Treat Blemishes And Dark Spots Safely

Blemishes, which are caused by clogging, are the imperfection visible on the skin. These are like pigmentation, acne marks and dark spots. The best way to prevent it is to treat blemishes and dark spots naturally. Start treating whiteheads, blackheads or blemishes soon after you see them on the surface of the skin. Never prick any pimple or acne forcefully to extract the things out.

Some of the nature care that you can take in to suppress the appearance of blemishes includes:

1. Have a daily face wash with the cleanser. Never use a hard scrub that may worsen the problem of blemishes. After the washing, use natural skin care cream to get fast results.

2. Staying under the sun for an extended period of time, can cause dark spots and blemishes. To protect the damage from the sun rays, at least sun protection cream must be used with correct sun protection factor. This will take care of the exposed areas on your skin.

3. Ice compressing is another soothing way to elevate the problem. In order to treat blemishes and dark spots, you can take a piece of ice wrapped up in a clean piece of cloth. Then place it on the blemishes to minimize its intensity.

4. The other effective way to remove the blemishes is the application of the paste of honey, turmeric powder and lemon juice on the blemishes daily.

5. Another effective paste is to mix sandalwood paste with a little rosewater and apply it on marks or blemishes. In addition, the use of natural skin care cream is very much effective to take care of the problem.

6. There are lots of things in the nature that helps to cure the disorder. These include: potato, papaya, aloe vera, tomato juice, almond oil, orange peels, carrots all are the best remedies to treat blemishes and dark spots naturally.

If it persists in spite of giving all this cares for your skin, consult with a health consultant who normally recommend herbal supplements. Having a blemish free skin is not too far with natural skin care cream within your reach. Aloe Vera Gel is one of the most effective skin care treatment. The stubborn dark spots on the skin can be very much upsetting, more likely to damage the skin permanently. Even after the cure, it might leave scars on the face, if not taken care of in time. Aloe Vera Gel is prepared with specially formulated skin care ingredients. As an outstanding skin care, this herbal gel is made of extracts from powerful pure Aloe Vera.

This gel contains vitamin C, vitamin E and also beta-carotene. This promise tightness of the skin and natural shine as well as the suppleness. This natural skin care cream eliminates wrinkles, dark spots, pimples, cuts or burns. The natural properties of aloe vera are the great enhancer of the skin healing. It is fit for both dry and oily skin.

Direction: Take a little amount of Aloe Vera Gel and apply on the face or any other affected part. Use it at the beginning and ending of the day. As it is an herbal product, it is free of any side effect.


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