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Using Custom Made Throw Pillows to Accent Your Home

There are many ways to liven up your living space. Simple touches can go a long way in a room. For example, changing up your home décor style using a throw pillow. The design on a throw pillow can help your room pop and look like new. It can take an old couch and give it some life again.

A popular fabric for home décor is ikat. This fabric is being used in homes everywhere to create unique design and give rooms a little bit of life and energy. Ikat fabric is made by weaving together threads and then dying them. The cloth is then woven together to create a unique handcrafted fabric. However, many ikat designs are simply printed and don’t give off the same effect as an exclusive ikat design.

Ikat throw pillows can be used to turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. Your friends and family will come over and wonder where you got such beautiful pillows.

In addition to ikat throw pillows, another great uniquely designed throw pillow is the suzani throw pillow. Using cotton or silk embroidery, suzani throw pillows are handcrafted to provide a different style design. Depending on your style, you can choose from ikat throw pillowsor suzani pillows. Either way, you will be sprucing up your home and turning an old couch into new.

One company that offers handcrafted ikat and suzani throw pillowsis Alesouk. Based in Uzbekistan, Alesouk has traditional artisans who use ancient techniques to handcraft these pillows. All of their pillows are made with the highest quality material and are affordable. You won’t find throw pillows like this anywhere else.

In addition to their beautiful throw pillows, Alesouk also sells ikat fabric by the yard. This handcrafted fabric can be used for anything around the home. For example, you can turn ikat fabric into a table runner, window treatments, and upholstery. You can simply use ikat fabric by the yard to add some color or design to your room.

There are so many ways to accent a room. Unique throw pillows are definitely one way to add some color or design. If you are interested in handcrafted, custom designed throw pillows for your home, visit today. You can also browse their catalog of other products available for purchase. Although they are based in Uzbekistan, Alesouk ships to customers around the world at an affordable price.


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