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Super Water Savings With Innovative Wall Concealed Faucets

Every modern home includes fitted faucets. Kitchens, bathrooms, showers and washrooms would not be the same without them. Faucets give us immediate access to the most necessary element for life: water. Considering this precious resource, water-saving techniques are constantly in focus. Wall concealed faucets with self-closing systems offer a luxurious experience and exemplify water saving as a standard.

Minimizing Wasted Water

Self closing faucets allow precise measurement of water amounts. The water stops flowing after this metered amount is discharged. A good amount of water is efficiently released each time. The faucet cannot be left open by mistake, to cause high water loss. Wall concealed faucets that self-close represent a real breakthrough in water efficiency technologies.

Simple and Effective Operation

The wall concealed faucet is a faucet whose control is hidden within a finished wall. Only the wall flange and operating lever are visible. This gives the faucet a neat look and modern feel that complements any area where quick water access is desired, including public restrooms. The push to start, pull to stop mechanism is easy to use. Water comes out only for a fixed period of time before automatically stopping.

Fitting a Wall Concealed Faucet

Endlessly pursuing new technologies and better products, certain companies have turned their attention to perfectly concealing a water panel box inside a wall. The panel box is fixed to an iron reinforcing rod, and connected to the hot and cold water pipes after the drywall reinforcing rod process. A mold is then installed and concrete work completed. Pipes are installed after removing the mold. To finish up, an inner cover is attached to waterproof the drywall before tiling is done.

Presetting Water Amounts

Wall concealed faucets with a push to start and pull to stop mechanism to measure water can be preset. By adjusting a time control screw, water is preset to release for around 3-50 seconds before the faucet closes by itself. In a simple mechanism of this type, the time adjustment is made by turning the time control screw counter clockwise to reduce the time or clockwise to increase the time set.

Repairing Wall Concealed Faucets

Innovative water panel box systems are simplifying the repair process of wall concealed faucets. A panel box permits access after installation without affecting the interior wall finishes. The latest plumbing technologies include renewable seats that are manufactured from brass or nylon that allow faucet leaks to be completely eliminated and faucets repaired without replacing a faucet. Plumbing parts in this type of installation also have extended lifetimes, reducing the need of repair.

Enjoying a Luxurious Experience While Saving Water

Wall concealed faucets with water saving features are intuitively designed. Sleek finishes add a sense of style to modern homes and public facilities. Being easy to operate increases the overall enjoyment. Comfort and luxury are possible without draining our world’s most precious resource.


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