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Contact Industry Experts For Shower Conversions

When you have elders at home some precautions should be taken to prevent slip and falls which is one major reason for the elders to become injured or become immobile for the rest of their lives. Bathrooms are one area where we commonly hear about elders slipping or falling and hence you can check out for the option of shower conversions by contacting bathtub conversions Toronto experts who can come up with the best solutions for the elders to easily access the showers and tubs in the safest environment. The experts convert bath tub to shower just remodeling your existing tub with the conversion products and installation methods that have been proven to be easier and safe for the elders to access the bathtubs.

In the tub to shower conversion an opening is made with 23.5 inches wide and 8 inches deep so that elders can easily walk-in through the opening without the necessary of raising their legs over the bathtubs to access them. Similarly, if you want to use the bathtub as it is you can check out for the convert bath tub to shower with a door option where the door is fitted at the opening so that you can open while getting in and getting out of the tub and close the door while using the bath tub. So these two options greatly reduce the chances of slips and falls in the bathroom which you can also fit with grab bars and anti slip mats for additional support.

So instead of thinking to replace your existing bathtubs you can simply opt out for the convert tub to walk in shower which is less expensive to install in your existing tubs. The experts can handle any type and model of your existing tubs whether metal, fiber glass, steel and cast iron to cut and create an opening for the elders. While the step in conversions costs you around $1095 those with the door option costs around $ 1595 which you can install as per your choice. Since the door is installed with a double seal there is no messing or spilling of water through it and their job is guaranteed by the bathtub conversions Toronto for a 3 years period.

So just contact the industry experts in offering shower conversions to create a safe environment in the bathrooms to prevent elders from any slip or fall injuries.

To avoid fall slips and injuries in the bathroom, professionals at “Imperial Bathrooms” provide tub cutting service very efficiently. we provide bathtub to step-in shower conversion service for an affordable price. For more details Please visit our website


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