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An Insight into Dental Implants

Are you worried about your lost teeth? A dental implant treatment can just be the right solution for you. Implants are typically a synthetic tooth root that is placed into the jaw of the patient to hold a replacement tooth or teeth. When you lose a single tooth or several teeth due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or an accidental injury, dental implants come as a permanent cure to teeth replacement.

Implants are a convenient alternative to using dentures and bridges as these are not cleaned by messy adhesives. The artificial teeth appear and function just like your natural teeth and enhance your overall oral health at the same time.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of dental implants:

• Appear and function like natural teeth
• Require the same dental care
• Do not require alterations to adjacent healthy teeth
• Improve your chewing efficiency
• Improve your speech
• Prevent bone loss
• Enhance your visual appearance
• Boost your self-confidence

Additionally, the permanent implants cause very little pain and discomfort during the procedure. With a mild anesthesia, you can overcome the pain and discomfort that you may face during or after the treatment.

However, when you plan for a dental implant treatment, there are certain essential factors that need to be taken care of:

• Cost of dental implants
• Type of post, brand, crown and abutment
• Which and how many teeth are to be replaced
• Experience and specialty of the chosen dentist and surgeon
• Experience of the team of experts involved in your surgery
• Creation of the prosthodontics
• Cost of other applicable procedures such as sinus elevation, bone grafting etc.
• Additional fee for scans, X-rays, anesthetic and modeling
• Facility for insurance policy coverage

Once you have determined all the factors, it is advisable to check with your insurance firm whether dental implants are also covered in their policy or not. This will help you get an advanced dental implant treatment at a reasonable cost.

Why go for insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage is generally a smarter way to choose when you are getting an implant treatment. Insurance plans differ from firm to firm. Some insurance firms cover only 10% or less of your total Houston cosmetic dental cost while some firms provide considerably more coverage for traditional dentures. Besides this, some insurance firms only cover surgical cost of the treatment. Therefore, you can find what can be covered in your insurance policy and make your implant surgery cost-effective and convenient for yourself.

Dental Implants- After Care

After the implant procedure, your periodontist will also work with you in developing the best dental care plan for you. It is advisable to make follow-up visits and implement the recommended plan in your routine to ensure that your new teeth are as healthy as you want them to be.

Remember, dental implants are like your original teeth and thus will require the same oral care - if you want your new teeth to be clean and healthy, regular and proper brushing and flossing is advisable.


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