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How to Find The Right Wedding Videographers

While it may not be so obvious to you, apart from the wedding planner, the second person to stay by your side throughout the entire day will be the videographer and its team. For this reason, and considering how much you want that special day to be immortalized by the book, you will want to make sure that you have found the best wedding videographers you can get. After them, the most professional wedding films will come at ease!

You can begin my making an online research for the local professionals. Their websites regularly have plenty of video sequences, as a proof of their professionalism and work style. When you find a website that truly inspires you trust, professionalism, experience and you seem to identify with their style, call for a meeting. And that will be the part when you can convince yourself if they are the ones or not.

For starters, it is highly important to contract a team of dedicated videographers. When the people you work with are passionate about what they do, you have all the chances to benefit from a fairy tale video. Moreover, it is also essential for the two of you to connect and communicate at ease. You will have to express your desires and they will have to be capable of being bluntly honest with you – only in this way you can work together for a vivid and breathtaking script.

When you like them, as persons, and their wedding films, from what you see in portfolios, you should look into their equipments and their personalized offerings. Discuss about how well prepared they will come – with what kind of cameras and how many persons; whether they will combine fixed with mobile cameras and shooting options; if they are planning to attend to your rehearsals or not; how many hours of filming they can cover; what special editing effects they will provide and so on.

When discussing all these with your wedding videographers, it helps noticing how much do they want to know about you and your love story. Videographers that make you an offer and ask about the wedding day to meet you there are definitely something to run from. If, on the contrary, the team is joyful and communicative, if they ask you tons of questions about what matters most for you, and how they can emphasize all those aspects in one beautiful story, it looks like you have a winner.

As a rule, professionals come to make a film at least in teams of two persons, with minimum two cameras: one should be fixed on a tripod, covering the widest angle possible, and another one should be mobile, following the most important moments of both the ceremony and the reception. Even if they will not participate at the rehearsals, they should make at least one visit at the wedding venue prior to the big day and analyze the shooting conditions - how large is the location, how much natural light will it get and where are the power sources. Moreover, they should determine which the most important places to film are and which the critical parts – doorsteps, level differences etc - are.

We might discuss many other such telltales, yet the most important one have been covered so the only thing left for you is to interact with the videographers as much as you can. You fill feel when you can work with them.
Wedding films can easily make a science and an art so choose your wedding videographers wisely!


By: adair sawyer

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