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The Ins and Outs of Windows Phone Application

Do you know what a Windows phone application is? Windows phone applications are games and third party applications that are available on a Windows 7 phone. There is no doubt that the Windows Phone Marketplace is booming. All these applications have been innovated with a particular version of Silverlight XNA or WP7.

Windows Phone Application platform which is runs on the Windows phone helps developers to discover fresh terrain in creating and absorbing customer experiences. This is one innovative platform which uses the existing Microsoft technologies and tools.

Windows phone applications (apps) involve use of diverse platforms as well as programming languages well-suited with the target mobile device. Such platform enables development of the real time solution in order to enable visibility and usability of businesses and also their profitability that benefits the entire customer base.


Normally, developers use Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2010 Express versions for devising and testing Windows phone applications. You will get these applications in the form of an extension from information technology major the Microsoft.

The developer tools for Windows phone applications are compatible with Windows Vista SP2 and the subsequent versions. For enabling development in VB, Microsoft launched the RTW (Release to Web) edition of its developer tool on November 29, 2009. The extension blend for Windows phone apps is available from Microsoft without any cost.

Since Windows phone 8 shares the maximum part of its platform, it would back up the managed code operations via a Common Language Runtime like the Windows OS rather than a .NET Compact Framework. The .Net Compact Framework in conjunction with the corroboration for indigenous C and C++ libraries will enable a number of Windows computer programs to be simply modified to Windows phone 8.

How to submit Windows phone application

Authorized Xbox Live and Windows phone developers are allowed to submit and handle their third party applications via the App hub web apps for the various platforms. This hub offers backup and web development tools for developers of third party apps. The applications which have been put forward go through a method of acceptance for tests and checks to see whether they are fit for the calibration guidelines for the applications laid down by Microsoft. The expense shelled out for the apps which have been okayed is borne by the developer. Nonetheless, around 30% of the income will have to be given to Microsoft and the rest (70%) the developer can take. The developer will only receive payment from Microsoft if they achieve a particular sales target. They will also deduct 30% tax from developers outside the United States if they don’t submit the necessary records to the Internal Revenue Service. Only developers from 30 nations are qualified to receive this. They need to make an annual payment if they want to submit their applications.


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