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How To Clean Leather Sofa?

Having a quality Sofa in your home isn’t that easy. You have to take care of it, in terms of quality, cleaning, and durability as well. But, if you have a quality leather couch from the Upholstery Abu Dhabi, you don’t have to be worried about its cleaning and caring processes.

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Cleaning a Leather Sofa is never been a daunting task, but for fabric ones. But we have to clean it very carefully to minimize the chances of any damage or tearing of the leather. I’m going to list down the best process that I personally use to clean my leather Sofa or Leather Couches. These steps help in the prevention of some extensive damage to the sofa.

Steps of “How to Clean Leather Sofa”
Cleaning of a Leather Sofa is a super easy task to do on a daily basis. Follow these steps to make your Leather sofa clean.

Step – 1: Dedusting and Dirt Removal
Use a small piece of fabric to remove the dust and dirt from the sofa. It can be done easily by wiping the sofa with a piece of fabric. This will remove all the dust particles from your sofa.

Step – 2: Stain Removal
If your sofa has some stains like ink or grease then you have to follow up this step to get free from these unwanted marks. In this step, use a grease remover to remove out the stains of grease. For removal of ink stains, use alcohol or alcohol-based cleaner.

Use specific solutions for specific operations. Use a piece of cloth or paper towel and soak it in the respective solution. Once the fabric got wet, wipe the sofa with this and let it dry. In case of hard stains, apply pressure as required.

Step – 3: Use a Gentle Cleaner
In this Step, you have to use a gentle Cleaner for the overall cleaning of your Sofa. Leather Cleaner is easily available in the market that you can use for cleaning your leather sofa. If you don’t have a leather cleaner, you can use a mild soap solution.

Wipe the surface of the sofa gently with a damp cloth to make it free from dust, dirt, and stains. Once you get done wipe again with a dry piece of fabric. Then let it dry.

Step – 4: Conditioning
It is advised to use a conditioner for your leather sofa which helps in maintaining the shine and makes it easy to remove stains and marks in the future. This maintains the shine as well as the quality of the leather sofa for a long run.

My Personal Advice
Don’t use Markers or Ink Pens while sitting on a leather sofa.
Carefully handle drinks and food while sitting on the Leather Sofa
Avoid using hard soap for cleaning of the Leather Sofa.
Don’t forget to apply conditioner on the Leather sofa.


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