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What'S The Role Of Ayurveda In Controlling Cholesterol Level?

High cholesterol level is a concern for majority people these days. It might be because of our sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet or genetic makeup. Increased level of LDL (bad) cholesterol can have long- lasting impacts on the overall health. It can become the root cause of more severe problems like diabetes. Usually, patients rely on allopathy for lowering down the cholesterol levels. The ongoing research on Ayurveda as an alternative medicinal therapy has revealed some surprising results. Ayurveda has potential to control cholesterol levels. But it also comes with some downfalls.
Ayurveda v/s allopathy as remedy
Allopathy, the modern day treatment requires lifestyle alterations and undergoing medications as a remedy for high cholesterol levels.
Ayurveda is an ancient treatment method native to India. It has been used significantly in Indian history to treat even life- threatening health issues. Ayurveda has a longer list of requirements for it to work as a remedy. Dietary restrictions, yoga, herbs, meditation, massage, breathing exercises, heat therapy, behavioural changes and cleansing are the activities that need to be performed if you are planning to undergo ayurvedic treatment. The schedule and chart are prepared individually depending upon their medical history and present scenario. Researches revealed that these changes in the routine life have successfully lowered cholesterol levels and have a wholesome effect on the body.
Ayurveda and medicines
Ayurveda is known for deriving it medicines from herbs with medicinal properties. Following along the same lines, Ayurveda uses certain medicinal plants to curb the cholesterol levels. Garlic, arjuna and guggul are some herbs that are used together to device the cure to reduce cholesterol level. They are often mixed with other ingredients like turmeric, ginger, shilajit, , Cyperusrotundus, punarnava (Boerhaaviadiffusa), Nigella sativa,licorice, Pushkarmool (Inularacemosa)garcinia, triphala, tribulusterrestris etc. These mixtures are supplied in form of juices, powder, extracts, tablets, and decoctions.
Some medicines that are used for treating cholesterol problems are:
• Mustadighanavati is an example of ayurvedic medication which is composed of Cyperusrotundus, turmeric, Tribulusterrestris.
• Arjunapowder is made from bark of Terminalia arjunaand herbs like haritaki, amalaki, bibhitaki, silajatu-suddha and guggul.
• Triphalamade up of Indian gooseberry, Terminalia bellerica (Bibhitaka), and Terminalia chebula (haritaki).
• Ashwagandha is another Ayurveda remedy.
All these medicines combined with some changes in diet, physical activity and therapies are good enough to lower down total cholesterol levels by a noticeable 22.4%, LDL (bad cholesterol) by 18.2%. with the added benefit of increasing good cholesterol (HDL) by 5.6%.

Potential side effects
While these Ayurveda solutions are valid to bring down the cholesterol levels, they also have some potential downfalls. These side effects are subjective. They depend on the patient’s family history, tolerance to plants, medical history, and immunity.
Some patients who opted for Ayurveda treatment faced problems like diarrhoea, weakness, skin rashes, abdominal cramping, hallucinations, and headaches.
Some patients who were on regular medications for blood pressure medications, blood thinners, and antibiotics faced interference from the herbs they took alongside these.
So it is advised to check with your physician before opting for Ayurveda. Also inform your Ayurveda specialist about your ongoing medications. Ayurveda is a natural treatment method which relies on medicinal plants, meditations, yoga and other natural remedial means. You can always look for other options that have been devised to lower cholesterol levels like suitable diet and fitness regime changes. It is also important to get cholesterol tests regularly to avoid surprises that might knock on your door. Regular testing ensures that you have a track record of your insides and outsides. After all, heathy outside comes from healthy inside.


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