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Choose The Best School For Kids

Why choose the best school in Lucknow?

School education is an important step in a person's life. Everything we are as adults has roots in our schooling. Choosing a perfect school for kids that grow and their intellectual ability, creativity, and personality can make a huge difference in their academics and overall career success. The parents according to the interest and caliber of their child should then search for schools. Schools should definitely be in line with the latest technologies in order to keep its students updated with the trending facilities.

The disciplinary norms of the school should not be overlooked. It’s also important that schools provide a healthy environment free from bullying and other negative elements. To ensure your child is educated to meet his/her individual needs, it is necessary to know what to look for in a school. In some scenarios, this may be a public school on the road, while other kids may need a different environment to help them learn more efficaciously.

Tips for choosing the best school for your kid:

1. School analysis

Before selecting a school, have a detailed understanding of what best fits your family and your child. How your child responds in a structured or unstructured environment? Does your child need additional attention? Detailed answers to these questions can help you create a list of schools that match your needs.

The school websites and prospectus will provide you with plenty of information to help you sort out the schools to your list. Communicate with like-minded parents, and ask for suggestions.

2. School’s value system

Start with their educational philosophy. Talk to the school principal to know about their approach towards education. Do they only believe in academic prowess or do they educate children by indulging them in extracurricular activities, including arts and sports?

3. Fulfilling the needs of your child

Consider the specific teaching and learning style of the school. In certain areas, your kid might be a slow learner; does the school provide enough support? Is it also possible that your child would be a little prodigy; will it help him/her reach their full potential through challenging and creative activities?

4. Teacher-student relationship in pre-school

It is important to connect children to teachers than with curriculum. Think of it this way: a preschooler is accustomed to being around caring people, parents, and siblings 24 hours a day, and s/he spends most of their day in school for the first time. The school should have highly engaged, pre-school teachers.

5. Infrastructure

School buildings, classrooms, playground, libraries, and laboratories play an important role in school's infrastructure. Spacious and well-designed building creates a significant impact in a child’s life. Do they provide comfortable seating and ample space to students to keep their belongings? Assembly area and proper sanitation facilities are other infrastructural elements that show the care in detailing. Do they have playground and sporting facilities for indoor and outdoor activities?

A good school infrastructure with all these amenities and facilities give an extra edge to the students. Are there well-equipped labs such as for biology, chemistry, physics, computer, and robotics that help them to perform lab activities in an effective manner? Do they have separate rooms for creative learning activities such as art, music, and dance? These are some of the infrastructure questions you must explore.

6. Academic Performance

Although extracurricular activities and creative learning are much needed for the growth of the child, their academic performance is equally important. Compare the average scores of the schools at the district and state level examinations. See how many grades they have attained and how many times they have fallen; the ranks are raising or falling, and why? Also, ask the school how their best students did in their higher education.

7. Healthy Environment

Dull and discouraging environment can lead to a decrease in the learning ability. If a school is highly susceptible to a noisy environment that features an improper location, the level of understanding would be affected. An atmosphere with authentic and diligent students encourages other children to follow the same pattern of discipline.

Environmental surrounding contributes to the overall development of the child. When the environment is suitable for the students, the other way round can be encouraging. The school must comply with precise rules while taking in students. It is another element that tends to make the children's environment fruitful.

8. Staff and Teachers

Before choosing school parents should keep this in mind that their child will be under constant guidance of educated and supportive adults. Is the teacher qualified and responsible enough? Assess the quality of teachers in the school during visit; ask for their qualifications, experience, and training. The teachers should be expert in their subject fields and no queries from the students should be remained unanswered.

The faculty should have the capability to create interest among students for their subjects. Look at how the schools have full-time professional staff such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. Be aware of what the teachers and staff say about the school management. As they're the closest adults to children; knowing their attitude, devotion to teaching, and perspective would be helpful. Analyze the principal's background; a good principal can make a whole difference to the school.

9. Extracurricular Activities

The importance of extracurricular activities is highly acknowledged in the development of children and the fact that they develop leadership and social skills. Participation in such activities promotes intuitive and intellectual abilities in students. The creative sessions of art, music, dance, and sports give students a break from the long, monotonous classes.

Extracurricular activities also help students keep an interest in school curriculum. The schools recognize this fact and have fixed extracurricular activities for each class in the timetable. Various workshops and student programs in these activities improve the student’s soft and hard skills while developing their social skills.

The most productive way to use the time that students get after their theoretical classes are these activities. Also, school students who carry out seminars and workshops based on sports and creative activities are further able to acquire new skills. So while finding the right school for your kids, one must make sure the school is not only bound to academics but also gives importance towards extracurricular wing.

10. School Curriculum

Every board like CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE has their own curriculum. Which school adopts which? Subject combinations in higher classes like 11th and 12th are of significant importance. Which school from primary to secondary offers more than one curriculum? Also, what is the school grade? If the school only contains the primary education, you may need to change in the future.

11. Modern Schools

Gone are days when parents had to visit their kid's school to know every academic detail. With the emergence of digitalization, organizations are attempting to match the speed of this rapid advancement by digitizing their presence. Schools have come up with interactive applications and websites to make them self readily available to the students and parents. These applications and websites also provide a platform for the parents, students and teachers to directly interact with each other.

As higher students look up for online exam preparation and educational background, many schools maintain their websites up to date with digital study materials and allow parents to monitor their child's overall performance.

Another event that has made the study sessions exciting and engaging for the students are the digital classrooms and smart classes. So keep in mind the modern digitization the next time you judge the school's proficiency.

12. Affordability

There’s a general perception that great schools come at a greater price. Therefore you must think can you afford the fees without straining your family and stretching your budget? You can even look around for schools that offer reasonable fee structure and provide good academic classes even if they are low on extracurricular activities and sports. The latter can be supplemented by playing outside of school and creative classes. You can also go for schools whose first priority is sports and extracurricular activities. The latter can be supplemented by self study at home and coaching outside of school.


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