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What AI trends will dominate 2020?

AI is everywhere and rightly so!

Its trend surges as the world prefers automation and process optimization. AI, presently used for repetitive activities, will progress to perform several duties reserved for humans. 2020 sees a positive trend for AI in the business and government sectors.

We have compiled a list of AI trends likely to rise in 2020. Here are the unmissable AI trends: -

Need for Digital Intelligence

DI, in digital transformation, improves any company’s operational visibility.

Enhances visibility by optimizing automation and working well with RPA and BPM.

Provides richer user experience

Reduces operational costs

Improves competitive advantage

This valuable technology improves understanding of business processes and company data that facilitates better decision-making.
In fact, there are many data quality management companies, which helps in managing the company data

Rise of digital workers

According to IDC Research, digital workers’ usage will grow by over 50 percent in the year 2022. This important statistic points to a prominent future for these workers.
Digital workers, just like their human counterparts, will be coached to perform business tasks with timely precision. These workers will take up menial tasks across the office space.

Propagation of process intelligence

Process Intelligence identifies problem areas by using business data and creates visual process models to examine them in real-time. These analyses forecast future results and help ease decision-making.
CRM, ERP, and other such systems cannot provide data that they don’t possess. Thus, these systems make it difficult to extract valuable insights. PI can help monitor all company operations and provide an overall picture.
PI can achieve this visibility by providing a comprehensive, spontaneous, and insightful view of several business processes.

AI progresses Healthcare accuracy

AI, a better way to diagnose and treat patients, enables people with efficient healthcare services. Its tools efficiently carry out time-consuming activities like health records and medical literature analysis.
Watson, an IBM AI assistant, accurately diagnosed 99 percent reviewed cases. Additionally, it provided treatment plans similar to the suggested plans by patients’ oncologists.
DeepMind, another assistant, examined up to 1 million eye scans as a part of its training process.

AI advances movie experience

The movie industry has a lot of potential for AI. In addition to films, movies, and games industries are also projected to heavily use AI.
The Irishman, a recent movie, leveraged these tools to de-age Robert De Niro. AI can create advanced visuals and that results in a compelling movie experience.
Whereas video games can create challenging human-like rivals for various stages of the game using AI. These automatic characters spontaneously adjust to the player’s tactics to provide a tougher competition. These features provide a challenging fight for all players.
So, these are the AI trends you need to look out for in 2020.

Final thoughts

AI is a ubiquitous technology used by all sectors. Adapting these tools can highly empower businesses.
Automation is the way to go. These transformations are best when implemented by experts.
So, contact us at for our specialized intelligent automation services.
So, embrace the AI revolution with open arms.


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