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List of 10 effective social media analytic tools

Are you looking for a good social media analytics tool for your business?

We understand how intimidating it can be to find the perfect tool for your marketing analytics services needs. Choosing the best possible option for your needs is a crucial decision and could be a confusing one.

Do not worry, though. We have compiled a list of social media analytics tools that can best serve your needs.

Here is a list of tools we love, and we are sure you will too.

Sprout Social –

Sprout social is an analytics tool that can help you manage your company’s social media presence across all social media websites. It can collate performance data across various platforms for overall or single-media focused analysis. Data from different channels can be combined and organized using readymade or customized templates.

TapInfluence –

Influencer marketing has become a lucrative marketing strategy for various brands. Inevitably, there is a need for a tool that is specifically designed to compute the results of influencer campaigns. TapInfluence is one such brilliant tool that you can use. It tracks factors such as influencer’s reach, engagement rate, and potential market value of the influencer.

Curalate –

Many brands are setting up shop on platforms such as Instagram to sell their products. These businesses need Instagram to function as a hybrid storefront. So, businesses use Curalate to create a direct social selling experience online.

Snaplytics –

Snaplytics is a tool focused only on analytics for Snapchat and Instagram. New-age brands that cater to Gen Z consumers can find this tool extremely valuable. It uses criteria such as open and completion rates to calculate the success of stories.

Quintly –

Quintly is a tool that specializes in comparative study and checks how you perform in comparison to your opponents. You can also monitor your own social media strategy’s performance.

Hootsuite –

Hootsuite combines features such as social media management, listening, publishing, and analytics in a single tool.

It can aid you to

Understand what content drives traffic for you,

Advance your visibility,

And progress your ad’s efficiency

Audiense –

Audiense Connect gives complete analyses of Twitter profiles. It uses machine learning on data to simplify your customer bases’ needs. It gives more information about your followers’, friends’ and opponent’s location, language, and interests.

Buffer Analyse –

Buffer Analyse is a great tool that assists you in your decision-making process for marketing strategies without overwhelming you. It provides features such as Instagram story analytics, strategy recommendation posts, and creating professional reports.

Zoho Social –

Zoho Social is a tool that uses SaaS, CRM, and collaboration to manage your complete operational workflow. You can choose to view a dashboard that provides condensed analytics of several social media channels.

Reputology –

Reputology is a tool that focuses on monitoring and analyzing your reviews online. This activity ensures that a single negative comment does not discourage potential clients.

We hope this list helps you in shopping for a tool best for you.

While these tools can be helpful, they may not provide the extra assistance needed to understand and use them. They also may not be as effective if you are a beginner in social media analytics. In such cases, consider using the services of an analytics company.

If you are interested in availing services of a leading analytics company, please visit and get in touch with professionals.


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