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5 Most Popular Social Media Trends in the UK

Keeping up with constantly changing social media trends is a huge challenge. Striking a balance between social media data and user engagement strategies effectively should be every brand’s preference.

We hope this crisp post helps you stay on top of the social media engagement game in the UK.

Striking a Balance Between Public and Private Social Media Platforms

You should always try to find which platforms are best for proper engagement with your users. Use public platforms like Facebook to help generate buzz and excitement about your brand. If you desire a closer connection with your clients, private platforms like WhatsApp can prove extremely helpful. Find the sweet spot between awareness and engagement to add to your overall strategy.

Using Twitter for businesses in the UK

As of April 2020, Twitter is the most popular social media channel in the UK. Naturally, if you are targeting the UK market, you should opt for it to spread your brand’s wings. Here’s how twitter helps you reach your target audience: -

Engage consistently to build a deep relationship

Use popular hashtags and twitter trends to reach a wider customer base

Track your lists to follow niche audience

Befriend prominent and trustworthy influencers

Use short and compelling content to drive traffic to your site

Monitor tag positive mentions to your official account

Take the engagement offline to address concerns well

Offer discounts to your followers to engage them

Brands are Re-evaluating their Success Metrics

Choosing the right metrics is extremely important for correct analysis of your marketing plan. Marketers use various engagement techniques to measure success depending on the social media channels. However, simply measuring likes or comments or tweets isn’t enough. Use metrics like volume, engagements per message, and positive sentiment to look at the long-term picture. Instead of chasing a viral instance, brands try to deeply understand what drives conversations with clients.

The Unprecedented Rise of Social Listening

‘Social Listening’ uses social media to research and discover customer engagement patterns to build a two-way relationship. You can capture untagged mentions of your business through careful listening practices. Use popular keywords to search for problems with your services to prepare your staff for difficult conversations. Real-time data helps you find new ways to reach customers, improve awareness, and build a reputation. There are many companies that provide marketing analytics services.

Growth in the Influencer Marketing Space

67 per cent of marketers believe influencers help reach a niche audience effectively. (Reference: The ROI through influencer marketing is 11 times more than traditional advertising. (Reference: So, build a lasting relationship with influencers in your space by being honest and transparent with them.


Social media a great tool for your online business expansion. When used properly, social media marketing pays for itself in a short period. So, track these trends to improve your online presence and promote your brand this year.


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