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Why are Polycrystalline Solar Cells so Popular?

What makes Polycrystalline, also known as multicrystalline is the fact that they are least expensive. They are always readily available in any market and have a greater advantage to the solar panels, due to their efficiency.
Polycrystalline are made visible or easier to see by a metal flake effect. The solar cells have a square shape and have a surface that looks mosaic like. The mosaic look is as a result of different crystals that make up the module. When comparing the polycrystalline cells to the monocrystalline, you will realize a 70% to 80% efficiency. The most efficient polycrystalline cells however constitute a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. It was I February 2010 got to set a world record. They had a photoelectric conversion efficiency in the polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic.
Another notable world record that had been set by Mitsubishi is that they have now had a consecutive renewal for the third year. What the solar industry is currently doing is ensuring that they invest enough money in research development and find ways of manufacturing costs and boost overall efficiency. Achievements with Mitsubishi therefore have been seen more on the manufacturing side than they have been on the efficiency side.
Benefits of Polycrystalline Solar Panels
1. Lower Per Panel Costs
These solar panels are cheaper in their production and also desire less to manufacture. This comes as an advantage for less expensive buyers that have medium sized roofs.
2. Durability and Longevity
When compared to their monocrystalline ‘cousins’, they have an almost same period of durability which is at least 25 years. The polycrystalline solar modules put solar power to people who cannot afford the polycrystalline cells. There are purchasers of products at the end of the day who look more into what they can afford than the quality of the product and this is a great advantage for them.
3. Environmental Enhancements
Polycrystalline cells have the ability to produce energy from the sun and this helps reduce gases emitted from the greenhouses and any other environmental problems. However, there are polycrystalline solar panel manufacturers who have gone ahead and come up with new technologies that eliminate any poisonous gases and make them more environmentally friendly. A solar panel that is not environmentally friendly is a hazard to your health and to the health of those around you as well as a hazard to the environment at large.
4. Lower Electric Bills
Any form of solar panel has the advantage and power of being able to reduce and electric bill. The voltage or power of electricity produced from a polycrystalline panel is lower than that produced from a monocrystalline panel. However, this means a lower cost as well. What you need to do is finetune your analysis to see which solar panel will work best for you.
At the end of the day, you are out for quality. However, ensure that the quality you are going for does not interfere with the durability and the longevity of the product that you intend to use.


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