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How to Color Your Hair Quickly In 5 Minutes At Home

Are you worried about the chemicals in your hair dye? Are you looking for an herbal based hair color which is ammonia free and can provide 100% grey coverage?
An herbal hair dye without ammonia is less damaging to hair.
One of the main issues with herbal hair dye is that it often takes a lot of time to color the hair, so it becomes inconvenient to go for the same whenever you are pressed for time.

The perfect solution to this issue is to use an herbal hair dye which can also be applied quickly at home.

We searched for hair colors which would meet our requirement in the Indian market and found out that Nisha quick hair color was the only one that met the criteria. This henna hair color has grown in popularity over the years as it is amongst the select few powder hair colors which can color your hair within 5 minutes.

Introduced for the first time in India, this powder based hair color can actually color your hair within 5 minutes.

If you are looking to color your hair quickly, then Nisha quick hair color is one of the best options.

We plan to cover the following which will explain how to color your hair in 5 minutes at home.

• How to Color Your Hair - The Process
• Nisha Quick Hair Color – Product Details
• Pros and Cons
• Precautions
• FAQs On Hair Color

Coloring hair is always a time consuming process and it often takes a few hours. Nisha quick hair color though can provide you a solution to this key issue as it only takes a few minutes to color your hair completely.

How to Color Your Hair - The Process

You will need the following to color your hair at home.

• Nisha Quick Color
• Gloves
• Brush
• Towel
• Non-metallic bowl
• Water

Steps to Color your Hair

Follow the below 6 steps to color the hair-

Step 1
1) To prepare your hair, always wash them with a shampoo and ensure they are completely dry. Now empty the contents of the hair color in a plastic/glass bowl and mix 5 times of water to form a past

Step 2
2) Use a towel to cover your shoulders to ensure the color doesn’t fall onto your clothes.

Step 3
3) Use a hair brush to apply the paste onto your hair.

Image- Step 4
4) Follow the same process to color hair completely.

Image- Step 5
5) Wash hair after 5-10 minutes and you are done!!

Nisha Quick Hair Color – Product Details

Nisha quick hair color is an herbal based henna hair color. It contains amla, shikakai, hibiscus and henna which nourishes your hair and makes the color longlasting.
The most amazing feature of this hair color is that it only takes 5-10 minutes to color hair color. If you are looking for a hair dye which can color your hair quickly, then Nisha hair color is an excellent option.
Image- Nisha hair color
This permanent black hair dye covers your grey hair 100% and makes your hair soft and silky. This ammonia free hair color also imparts a natural shine to your hair.
This is affordable and works for both men and women. Enriched with natural herbs, this hair color can be easily applied at home. Available both online and offline, this hair color is easily available.

If you want to go for a new lookquickly, without inflicting any damage on your hair, then this is a very good option.

• Colors hair quickly in 5-10 minutes
• Very easy to apply
• Henna based herbal hair color
• Contains natural ingredients - Amla, Shikakai, Hibiscus & Henna
• Affordable and long lasting
• Makes hair lustrous
• Provides 100% grey coverage
• Ammonia free hair color
• Works for both men and women
• Works for root touch up as well
• Conditions your hair naturally

• Gloves and brush do not come with the hair color.
• Limited shade options.

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• Always ensure you have dry hair which have been washed using a shampoo or a soap.
• Always use gloves before you start coloring your hair.
• Use a non-metallic bowl to mix the hair color.

If you are looking for options to color your hair quickly at home and a hair dye without ammonia, then Nisha quick hair color is an excellent choice.

This permanent black hair dye contains the richness of herbal ingredients like Amla, shikakai and henna to nourish your hair. These ingredients make your hair lustrous and also add a natural shine to your hair.
This no ammonia hair color provides full coverage to your grey hair.
This natural hair dye works perfectly for anyone who is looking to color hair quickly in the convenience of their home.
One of the quickest and safest hair dyes in India, Nisha quick hair color is a must buy!!

FAQs On Hair Color

Q - How can I change my hair color without damaging them?
One can opt for a natural hair dye with herbs. The herbal ingredients like amla, shikakai and henna add colour to your tresses without damaging them.

Q - Can you dye wet hair?
One of the precautions you need to follow to get a good hair color is to always apply it on dry hair. Wet hair makes it extremely difficult to dye the hair. Moreover, it can also result in patchy hair color and the result may not be on expected lines.

Q - How to color your hair at home?
If you are looking to color hair quickly, then you can use Nisha quick hair color to color your hair at home. Alternatively, if time is not an issue, then you can also try out the other hair colors likeNisha nature mate, Nisha henna based hair color or Nisha crème hair color.

Q - How to color your hair with a natural hair color?
There are many well-known hair color brands in the market, however when it comes to a natural hair color, the options are limited.Nisha Quick hair color and Nisha Mehndi are both excellent options if you are looking to color your hair naturally.

Q - Is it better to put hair dye on wet or dry hair?
It is always better to apply it on dry hair.

Q – Is using gloves really needed even when I am using a natural hair color?
Yes, Gloves usage is recommended even when you are using a natural hair color because there are always chances of your fingers touching the hair color even when you take precautions. When that happens, one can expect the fingers to get dyed as well.

Q- How many shades are available in Nisha quick hair color?
Currently it is available only in Natural Black shade.

Q- Which is the best hair color to go for if one wants to go for fashion shades like red or honey blonde?
Alongwith the natural henna based hair color, one can also try Honey blonde hair color or Flame red hair color from Nisha. Both of these are popular fashion shades of Nisha Crème hair color.

Q- Why is it recommended to wash the hair before application of the hair color?
Oily and unclean hair can impact the extent to which you can get the hair color, hence, it is always recommended to clean your hair with a shampoo before coloring.


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