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Best Foodie Town In Thailand Goes To…

Wake up, it’s Food o’clock! Life is an awesome combination of magic and food. When we talk about food, Thai cuisine is one of the most appreciated and popular cuisines in the world. Thai food isn’t about simplicity but a mix of different elements creating a harmonious balance of flavors which give a true delight to the senses.

Thai cuisine is known to be very healthy, given the fresh ingredients used. It is an extraordinary combination of sweet, salty, sweet-and-sour spices, adorned with stunning aromas and a delicate presentation. The exotic flavors of Thai cuisine can be found everywhere in Thailand with each region having its own specialty and unique ways of preparation. Gourmet-wise, the top destinations are definitely the big cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but there is always an excellent place hidden in the nooks and corners of the paradise island.

In Bangkok, one can find Nahm and BoLan, the most famous Thai restaurant in the world, presenting stunning dishes with unique tastes and textures among other countless numbers of amazing restaurants in Thailand offering finger licking delicious treats. Besides its famous street food, Bangkok is also a high-end gourmet destination with several restaurants awarded with Asia’s best restaurants reviews.
Swarm through the mountains of Chiang Mai and step back in time with its fresh air and calming vibes. The Northern Lanna cuisine is popular here, which is spicier than the ones found in other parts of the country. The classic dish Nam Prik Ong with red and green chili dip will leave you fired up, just after the first bite. Northern Thailand has its own culinary tradition with delicacies such as Khao Soi. There are many tours wherein one can enjoy the morning markets with a local-style breakfast, or meet the street vendors and can explore the city’s authentic dishes.
Rayong, on the east coast of Pattaya, is Thailand’s best beach city for authentic seafood. It has a number of seafood restaurants and is always looked out by the tourists for yummy delights.
Krabi is home to one of the world’s most beautiful dining rooms with some nice and authentic cuisines to its share. One of the famous places to dine in is The Grotto, an outdoor dining area set inside a limestone cliff with unobstructed views of the beach. Do not forget to book a reservation here early, as it’s always packed.
Small and remote island Ko Bulon Lee in Thailand, is a surprise foodie heaven. For seafood lovers, Ko Bulon Leh is a small culinary paradise with the local fishermen cooking some exceptional seafood dishes from the fresh catch of the day. From the local sea gypsy style seafood to international food, there’s everything to satisfy your food buds here.
Already Hungry? Well, do try the exotic dishes at some of these places and vote for your favourite foodie town in Thailand in the comments.


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