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A Tangible Guide To Authorized Windows 10 Digital Product Key Activation

Are you confused about how to find suitable and authorized Windows 10 product key? Or you are wondering about how activation sways the free upgraded as well as the new Windows 10retail copies?

No matter if you have availed free Windows 10 upgrade offer of Microsoft, which incidentally was obtainable only till 29th July 2016, or have received a new product key or license for your PC from the retail outlet or online stores or via Microsoft’s own subscription-based source - MSDN service; here we have covered everything that you need to know about Windows 10 product keys and their applications on specific Windows 10 PC and laptops.

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Product Key

If you have upgraded your PC or laptop from Windows 7 Professional Key to Windows 10; then your license must have been connected to the hardware you upgrade on; not to your official Microsoft account! And with the free versions; you also won’t find any new product keys from Microsoft either. If you want to verify if you are a free upgradation user or not; use a third-party product key software to check!

Windows 10 Digital Product Key Or Retail Activation:

If you have purchased a retail license of Windows 10, or have received a digital product key, either from Microsoft Windows Store, MSDN, Dream Spark, Tech Net and any other authorized stores; you no doubt have a unique code or product key that you can use for new upgradation or clearance of the old, free upgradation. You can Buy Windows 10 Pro 10 Home from acquiring retail or digital copies of Windows 10 product key.

How To Upgrade?

If you want to Buy Windows 10 Pro Key and upgrade from Home to Pro version; then you can buy it from Microsoft store or any other authorized retails. And if you want to connect your Windows 10 product key to your Microsoft account; go to Settings> > Update & Security >> Activation and turn it on with the genuine product key.

In the next step; on the same Activation page, find the option of Add a Microsoft Account, click on Add An Account button and sign in with your official Microsoft account. Once your account and your PC is connected; “Add a Microsoft Account” segment will disappear from the Activation page and now you will have a note with the writing - “Windows Is Activated with a Digital License Linked to Your Microsoft Account”!

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