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The Vip Israel Private Guide Can Offer You the Best Holiday Experience

A local Israel tour guide who is well informed about the history and culture of the place can make a lot of difference to your trip offering you valuable insights about the historic significance of the land and also the people and culture for you to experience the real Israel. When you are planning for a holiday to Israel it is better that you contact experienced guide like Ori Stern who has vast knowledge about the geography and history of the place with a master’s degree in the Israel studies who can surely offer you a unique vision about Israel. Being a certified tour guide he can help you plan the best holiday choosing the right destinations that meet your interests and explore the nation in its real sense. Whether you are planning family holidays, Jewish tours, Christian tours, adventure tours, lifestyle tours or the bar mitzvah tour your answer is Ori Stern for a perfect holiday planning. Especially if you want to conduct the Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Israel the Holy Land the guide offers you best support in making the necessary arrangements along with a chance for you to visit the holy places like the Kotel, Kabala, tomb of Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and many more places where you can still find Jewish culture and life continuing without any interruptions through the ages.

The Holy Land private guide also conducts tours to Christians who can follow the steps of Jesus walking from Nazareth to Capernaum along with halting in places like church of the annunciation, Caper Cana, Joseph’s house and many more places that have witnessed the miracles of Jesus. Other than religious places Israeli is also known to be a wonderful holiday destination for family offering something for each to enjoy their time in Israel. There are beautiful places like the open air colourful markets, modern life in Tel Aviv, historically significant places, wineries of the Golan Heights, views of the Mediterranean and also some wonderful festivities that take place at the Dead Sea for you to explore all this under the guidance of your VIP Israel private guide who ensures your safety and comfort throughout the trip. Israel being a blend of biblical times and the modern life along with people from difference cultural backgrounds living here for ages really offer a unique experience to the visitors that they might have not experienced on other holiday trips.

So everyone who are looking to spend versatile holidays can just pack their bags to Israel booking the services of the Holy Land private guide for a joyful and amazing holiday in Israel.

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