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Upper Mustang Trek - Explore The Iconic Buddhist Monarchy

The Upper Mustang trek uncovers the concealed sphere of Mustang – the iconic Buddhist Monarchy. This’s a remarkable venture to untouched Tibetan villages on the other end of the Nepalese Himalaya enclosing Tibet. Placed to the north-west of Annapurna on the Tibetan Highland, Upper Mustang is an old town that depicts the past of age-old Himalayan Buddhist Culture.

The province remained confined to the travelers until 1991, and still needs a special permission for travel. The whitewashed colony, enclosed by barley fields, packed with numerous striking small monasteries & vibrant prayer flags, mirror the enduring Buddhist civilization of the village.

The hike to Upper Mustang is a remarkable adventure and you must go for it. The trekking trail traverses typical Tibetan villages with unusual old Buddhist arts, the exceptional culture & striking splendor of the Himalayan desert.

The route pursues the old salt vending path to the capital of Upper Mustang, Lo Mangtang. For your knowledge, Lo Mangtang is an old town bordered by a massive town wall. The age-old monasteries in the Lo Manthan aids to discover the Tibetan Buddhist spirituality.

Inhabitants belongs to the social group Gurung, viz-Bista, Damai, Thakali, etc dwell in & around the gorge of Mustang. They’re hardworking, friendly and nature loving people. Residents of Mustang region pursue Tibetan Buddhism in a pure form & the homes are constructed of white-washed with firewoods tucked on the roof. Tiji is the prime festival rejoiced by the locals for 3 days in May every year. There’re a few old & noteworthy monasteries in Mustang which feature their own spiritual values and numbs.

Once as a crucial part of Tibet for commerce, Upper Mustang is employed by salt caravans crossing the Himalaya into Nepal. Apart from that, its beautifully rugged landscape provides majestic & awe-inspiring panorama of Everest base camp trek, Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna base camp trek and more. Buddhist shrines, Mani walls, mandala, palace and gompas are the other major attraction here. Nevertheless, Upper Mustang trek needs a special permission for outsiders since it’s a forbidden valley for foreigners. The ban was lifted & the 1st team of hikers got entry in the year of 1992. Thenceforth, thousands of travelers visit this region every year to relish the sheer beauty of Upper Mustang and interact with its friendly local as well.

You don’t need to have earlier trekking experience to enjoy Upper Mustang trekking adventure. Good physical fitness and basic mountaineering skills can get the job done.


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