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An Overview on Different types of Pliers in Orthodontics

Did you know? Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the fixing of crooked teeth and comprises of wire bending methods to restore tooth alignment. For wire bending, different types of pliers are used for different purposes and are basically classified into two different groups named Essential pliers and Optional pliers.

Let’s learn more about the pliers and the information are gathered from the Orthodontic Pliers Suppliers and manufacturers. In general, under the essential pliers category, four more pliers are housed and five different pliers under optional pliers category. Below are some interesting facts about different types of pliers:

Essential Pliers:

1. Adam’s Pliers: This particular tool gives sharp bends with its two flat end beaks that has grooves on the interior side of the beaks which help to hold the wire in place. This instrument mainly helps in the construction of Adam’s Clasp, from where it has got its name.

2. Young’s Loop Bending Pliers: Another name for of this instrument is Universal pliers. Its arms are different - one arm has a flat end while the other is rounded. And all wire bending processesare accomplished with this plier. Both arms have a different purpose like giving sharp bends, making loops and creating loop in various appliances.

3. Clasp Adjusting Pliers: It is also known as three pong plier or Aderer plier. It is used in the making of Frankel appliance and is clinically used for adjusting Clasps of patients.

4. Heavy Wire Cutter: It is quite famous and important among the Orthodontic Supplier China and world for manufacturing of different appliances. It is used to cut appropriate amount of wire and appliance end for proper positioning of tags.

Optional Pliers:

1. Loop Plier: This plier has two beaks, one concave shaped beak and the other round to form different types of loop in various appliances.

2. Nance Plier: It is a loop closing plier used to end a loop and also helps in the construction of Adam’s clasp.

3. Ruhland Plier: This instrument has a simple construction with one round and other concave. The plier is used to make different appliances as the concave beak has grooves to make loop as in labial bow and to construct coffin springs.

4. Adam’s Clamp Bending Plier: Specially used to provide the perfect bend in the fabrication of Adam clasp, this plier gives a 45 degree bend to the Adams clasp in the inter-dental tooth area.

5. Arrow Plier: This plier is perfect for the Schwarz clasp construction. It gives a perfect arrow shaped bend to the wire. It is essential for fabrication as the arrow forms an integral part of the clasp.

With all the above classification and information, one may easily get an overview of different types of pliers used. Therequirement of these instruments is high, so orthodontic manufacturers make them with precision for better work and bring back that smile on people’s face!

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