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Are You A Beginner To Nepal Trekking? Consider These 5 Useful Tips

When we think about Nepal trekking, we generally assume it as the task for adventurous souls only. With more than thirty trekking trails and increasing all the time, Nepal has plenty to offer every type of trekkers.

Nepal trekking could be both difficult and easy, relying upon the trail, the age & fitness level of the individual. If you are a professional, you understand it better, but if you are a starter and looking for trekking in Nepal for the first ever time, that is where you require supervision.

Below I have explained some advices for fresh trekkers which will certainly assist them get some basic ideas on how to start their trekking adventure. So, here we go:
Don’t rush; take it slow:

When hiking in Nepal, there’re possibilities of you experiencing altitude sickness, if you’re not cautious enough. You should climb unhurriedly in higher elevations. Your tour operator will include a few rest days in your itinerary, for you to get acclimatized to higher altitude, before you progress any further.

Prearranged tea-house trek:

For a fresh trekker, trekking begin with prearranged tea house hike which’s the finest way to get acquainted with treks here. That way, you don’t need to concern much regarding the logistics, as the whole thing will be attended by your trekking agency - from your lodging to transporting everything.

Distil water:

Like most developing countries in Asia, it’s suggested that you distill water prior to drinking it. On treks, you’ll be offered with distilled water by the trekking firms. You should tell the lodge staff to boil the water before consuming it.

Drink adequate fluids:

When hiking in higher elevations, you tend to get dehydrated rather fast with all the perspiration, and also likely to urinate many occasions. You should consume adequate fluids & water throughout your hike in t keep yourself hydrated.

Keep in mind that dehydration can source headache and help in making your more vulnerable to altitude sickness. So drink as much fluid as you can.

Keep your energy level up:

Hiking means too much physical exercise, so it’s a must to fuel yourself up every day to accomplish your mission. Your diet will offer you complete energy. Nepalese favor Dal Bhat, including lentils, rice and diverse vegetables, and believe it to be ideal supply of energy when trekking. You must also carry some snacks in your bag such as sweet items, chocolates, cheese, butter, biscuits to get the supplementary boost of power when you require it.

Hope this info will help you when you choose your next Nepal tour package as a beginner. Best of luck!


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