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Eight Things to Know Before Visiting Morocco

The number of people visiting Morocco is increasing every year. If you are visiting Morocco as a photographer, you will certainly have a busy day as there will be lots of things that allure to capture in your camera.

So you are planning for Morocco private holidays? Let me guide you through a few tips that will help you make the most of your Morocco tour.

Dress Properly:

Overall men can dress as they wish, but females should attire more conservatively. If you are not dressed properly, you may get harassed especially in crowded places, while visiting mosques, you should cover down even your ankles and wrists. For the ladies travelers out there, it certainly aids to have a scarf or shawl in their bag.

Currency & cost:

More renowned stores will receive credit card, but the street vendors, cabs and smaller markets won’t. So, be prepared with local currency.

Keep change with you:

Moroccan cab drivers hardly have change when you require it. To ignore overpaying, always keep change with you.

Learn to bargain:

If you are shopping in the medinas or markets, you must know how to bargain. Selling is like their national job and bargaining is part of their tradition. If you can spend some time while bargaining you’ll get the items for a minimum of 25 percent less of the starting price. If a deal doesn’t suit you, get away – they will call you multiple times to negotiate a deal.

Fridays are Holidays:

Don’t forget that Morocco is a Muslim nation, so be alert about their holidays otherwise you may be there when everything is closed. A majority of the shops & attractions are closed on Friday.

Watch your wallet or money bag:

Though most of the Moroccans are honest and friendly, but you should be cautious about pickpockets especially in the crowded places or the medinas.

What languages do they speak?

Moroccans speak a blend of Berber, Arabic, French and English. You will be ok with English in most of the larger towns, but you will possibly require a translator in the rural areas of the nation. Therefore, you may even find a translator in your travel packages to Morocco.

Visiting Mosques:

If you are thinking to visit Moroccan mosques, you may be out of luck unless you are Muslim. Mainstream of mosques are off-limits to non-Muslims, with the exemption of the grand Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. They’re still gorgeous to take pictures from outside.

Overall, Morocco is a lovely nation and private tours to Morocco will certainly give you the best sight of it.


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