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Exploring the Beautiful Manaslu Trekking Route

Nepal is the one stop shop for adventure junkies that find thrills from diverse trekking trails. It is no surprise that trekkers from all over the globe come to Nepal each trekking season to admire a trip that permits them to enjoy a lovely blend of culture, art, nature and adventure. From Everest panorama trek to adventurous Annapurna trekking – Nepal has it all. Although Nepal is a renowned trekking country today that permits travelers to relish the different terrains alongside its diversity of flora & fauna, it was not always so. It was not until 1991 that all parts of the hiking areas were opened to the travelers. Since them plenty of trekking areas on the edge of Tibet and Nepal have opened for tourists. And Manaslu circuit trekking is one of them.

The Manaslu trekking route is a beautiful trek best renowned for its unity & preservation. This province witnesses very few tourists so that the routes are less swarmed making the trip a tranquil, natural and lovely experience ideal for those looking for an escape from the regular hustle and bustle of life. Not only the mesmerizing natural splendor, but the classic Sherpa and Tamang settlements with their exclusive customs are another major highlight of the journey. The Manaslu trekking tour commence from Kathmandu. The whole route us embellished with the ideal sights of the snow covered mountains, exceptional unification of opulent cultural legacies and adventure amid vantage points with unmatched splendor & unusual bio-diversity. Mount Manaslu standing at 8156 meters is the highest summit in the region which is also the 8th highest summit in the globe. The Manaslu province is popular for its high-altitude frozen lakes, charming flora & fauna, cultural variety and opulence which make it the most preferred destination for hikers all over the planet. The typical circuit trek starts at Arughat and concludes at Bulbule and needs a climbing permit to tour all the way via the Manaslu region.

The total duration of the Manaslu Circuit Trek could be 18 to 20 days with trekking & hiking as the major activities. It’s considered as a moderate trekking with historical, cultural and natural journey and an utmost elevation of 5160 meters. The ideal season to tour this area is from March-May in spring & September-December throughout the winter.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trekking:

• Explore the popular town Gorkha
• Fascinating sights of Manaslu and enclosing Himalayan range
• Exploration of classic village lifestyle & culture
• Long walk through the Budi Gandaki valley
• Walking through crop fields
• Exploring the Tibetan culture


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