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Wide Variety of Sports Strapping Tapes

If you believe that sports tapes or strapping tapes, as they are commonly known are only meant for the people who fall under the category or sportsmen or athletes, you are mistaken. Keeping in mind the benefits that are associated with the sports strapping tape, they are these days used by everyone dealing with physical injuries or pain. Any injury that is related to sports or is related to something like sports injury can be treated with the help of these tapes. There are a few properties like elasticity, weightlessness, and non-porous nature that make these tapes highly useful for general people and their regular injuries as well.

Although the concept of strapping tapes is nothing new and it has been in use for decades now, one thing that makes it special is its constant evolution. Different companies are manufacturing huge varieties of tapes these days that are being used to treat different injuries and physical problems. Earlier, people used these tapes when it was advised to them by the doctors or chiropractors but now since people are aware of their importance and advantages, they themselves keep these tapes at home and use them as and when needed.

There are different types of tapes available in the market these days. These tapes have been categorized on the basis of their materials, usage and general properties. Check out some of the common options discussed in the sentences that follow.

The initial wrap

Also known as the pre-wrap, this tape is applied at the initial level to prepare the skin and the area for application of the main tape. This tape helps in removing the hair, and also to keep the main tape secure.

General sports tape

You could go on any chemist shop and ask for a sports tape and they would give you something that is commonly used and is known as the standard sports tape. These tapes are to be applied for shorter time spans like a few hours only on the muscles or body parts that are injured or need to be taken care of from the pain. Sports tapes made of cotton are the most common option here as they allow the skin to breathe and keep the area comfortable as well.

The stretch tape

Made of materials that are elastic and stretchable in nature, these tapes are generally used for the support they provide to the injured area. These tapes can be both adhesive and non-adhesive depending upon what you want to buy and the purpose behind its application.

Kinseo tape

The final and one of the most important categories of tapes is the Kinseo tape. It is generally used to provide the needed stabilization to the joints or the inured area.


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