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The Typical Function of Patch Panels

The patch panel (also known as patch bay) is a piece of equipment you must have seen in several offices & technology centers. Basically it consists of cable connection and is rack mounted in most of the cases. The patch panel is usually 2 folded: the front mostly consists of shorter cable connection whereas the rear houses longer cables. This system is employed since it enables the technicians to do transitory modification to connections at the front whilst the back connection stays permanent. This feature enables for easy & suitable interconnecting, screening and circuit checking.

The ease of being allowed to easily and quickly alter connections and more precisely the track of signal is offered by the patch panel without the requirement of costly switching tool. For those who’re still not sure of particularly what a patch panel is – a simple explanation is to visualize the early phone operators and how they connect calls by dragging a chord from one plug and then slot it into another; in terms of form and function, this is typically what a patch panel performs.

As we’ve confirmed the very initial patch panels where used within telephone exchanges where basically a more automatic form is still in existence at present. Nevertheless, it isn’t just the telecommunication industry where the patch panels are employed most extensively these days. The entertainment industry is probably the biggest user of patch panel today. You must have seen patch panels in Television studios and recording studios. Furthermore they’re also employed in concert halls as well. In these cases the panel is employed to handle the connection of diverse pieces of gadget such as speakers, microphones, and other electronic stuff. They are not just used for their convenience and affordability but also because they make fast alternations in the gadget feasible and also because they make it far simpler to recognize issues such as ground loops, static and feedback.

The patch panel is also a crucial piece of tool for several businesses as it enables network technicians to deal with phone & internet connection effortlessly. The intention of patch panel is to hold network cable; usually it connects diverse components & outlets so that network can run efficiently. This type of set up avoids the costly new labor for punching down the wires, thereby saving labor costs and extra time to make the new connections. So, effective cable management is always there with patch panels.


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