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Do Herbal Calcium Supplements Work?

The most important benefit of calcium is it maintains bone and dental health, as well as prevents obesity and colon cancer. Everyone needs calcium but different in quantity. During childhood it is required for bone and tooth growth; during the period of teen for the overall body growth; during older days to relieve the entire joint and muscle related issues. We are surrounded by so many decorated diets often lacking the calcium richness.

Women are most affected by deficiency of calcium because they prefer low calorie being most figure conscious. Thus, they usually suffer with osteoporosis. So, one thing is quite clear. Calcium is an important mineral for everyone and needs to be taken along with vitamin D and magnesium.

Calcium is majorly (around 99%) found in the body in the form of bones and teeth. Other of its traces includes circulatory system that prevents hemorrhages (bleeding).

Body absorbs the calcium better in the form of food than any artificially induced supplement. So, it is highly recommended to always fulfill the calcium requirement by consuming dairy products daily. Lactose intolerant people are able to digest the dairy like yogurt, buttermilk in small amounts because of the 'good' bacteria help to digest the lactose. Other options for them include lactose-free milk, cheese, cottage cheese; soy milk, baked beans, tofu, almonds, and dark green leafy veggies amongst non-dairy products. In non-vegetarian diet it is advised to consume tinned or canned sardines and salmon with the bones. One must eat the bones in order to get the required calcium.

Vitamin D is very much essential for the body to ingest the calcium we get from the diet or supplements we take. We can easily get the required vitamin D by spending 5 to 30 minutes under the sun between the time periods when its light is at its maximum intensity. The most preferred time is 10 am to 3 pm twice a week.

Do calcium supplements work?

Though artificial supplements to fulfill the body's calcium needs is available everywhere, but calcium that is consumed from food and herbal products are much better utilized as compared to any means.

Calcivon tablets are the most reliable herbal calcium supplements that are helpful to form stronger bones, teeth, hair and nails. Calcivon tablets consist of pure vegan composition that is easily absorbed by the body. Calcivon tablet not only improves the teeth and bones but also it maintains the nervous system and creates better flow of energy.

These calcium supplements work to prevent defects like joint pain, stiffness, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, inflammation or any other health hazards. Calcivon tablets are for all those greater than 60 years of in order to keep their joints well-nourished and free from any kind of troubles. These pills are highly suggested for all those women undergoing pre and post menopause. This herbal calcium supplement is suitable for people of all ages and genders and is free of the side effects.

Direction for use: Take 1 to 2 Calcivon tablets along with water twice or thrice daily regularly for 3 to 4 months to get desired result.


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