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Will Windows 10 and Your Printer Play Nice?

Be it an inkjet or an all-in-one printer, the devices have come to be an important part of both homes and offices alike. While the cost of maintenance along with the speed and functionality are just some things to look out for, this article is instead going to talk about compatibility. With Microsoft all set to roll out its Windows 10 OS, making sure your printer is compatible to the new operating system is important for obvious reasons. One of them being, having to look for the drivers that are needed to work the printers.

For those who are running Windows 7 or 8.1 on their PCs, you must have received the invitation for the Windows 10 upgrade by now. And while there are no complaints with those who have worked on Windows 10, considered amongst some of the latest technologies in computer, making sure your peripherals will be compatible with the new Windows 10 is a good idea before you take the leap. The good news here is that Windows 10 drivers are already available for those printers that were built in the past few years. However, the degree of compatibility varies from device to device and model to model. While in some cases, the driver and the software suite could be used with the new OS, on the flip side, compatibility could be limited to just a few particular utilities.

Normally, with major Windows upgrades, there is a good chance that the printer will not be supported, which means users have to forego the upgrade, or get a new printer. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here you will find some information on Windows 10 compatibility for certain printers.


According to Epson, the Windows 10 printer drivers along with the software will be compatible with the Windows 10. Those who own Epson printers can download the driver/utility combo package from the Epson’s ‘Windows 10 Support page’ on the company website. The company states that Windows 10 supports its entire product line, which is good news for the owners of Epson printers.


HP has always been vigilant in keeping its printer compatible with the latest technologies in computer. According to a spokesperson from Hewlett Packard, the company has made sure that all of its printers are compatible with the new Windows 10 operating system. HP has invested heavily to make sure that all of its printers that are currently in use on the Windows 7 and 8.1 operating system will be compatible with the Windows 10 upgrade also, without the need to install any new drivers. That being said, if problems to arise, HP has advised its users to install the latest driver for Windows 10 instead. HP’s LaserJet printers that are currently rolling out of the manufacturing belt will come with Windows 10 compatibility right out of the box.


Another popular brand for printers is Dell. The company has released a list of compatible printer models on its website which will be supporting the new Windows 10 upgrade. Dell has gone a step further in making it easy for its customers by providing information on whether the drivers are going to be available via a CD that comes along the printer, downloadable from its website or available with the Windows 10 upgrade. So, finding the fix shouldn’t take too long.


Canon is one of the top selling printer brands in the US, and a quick look on its website will give you all the information you need of whether or not your Canon printer is compatible with Windows 10 or not. From what we could gather, most Canon printers are, but to make sure you can always click on the particular model and its category to get information on the drivers.


Panasonic does not seem to be supporting the new Windows 10 upgrade at the moment. But, according to reports, the company will provide support for the OS in a few months time.

Ending Note

Other printers such as XYZprinting’s da Vinci 3D printer, Xerox’s Version 3 and 4, and printers from MakerBot, Brother, Aleph Objects and OKI Data Americas will all seamlessly integrate with the new Windows 10 OS.


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