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Premature Ejaculation Natural Treatment That Are Safe And Easy

Abnormal testosterone production, anxiety, relationship issues, poor reflex activities, thyroid problems, nerve damage or poor brain chemicals production in the body can cause premature ejaculation, the condition where men are unable to hold erection for the desired duration to get satisfaction in lovemaking. This condition can cause severe stress and create partnership issues due to dissatisfaction to both the partners, and it can result in low self-esteem. Many men develop a certain pattern in lovemaking, where they may not be able to hold erection even if they try a lot, by reducing stress or by relaxing themselves. The cure for the problem in naturopathy is easy to use and is safest way to prevent complications. Premature ejaculation natural treatment provided by Lawax capsule and Musli Kaunch capsule contains phyto-compounds to regulate the performance of male reproductive organs and to prevent PE.

The premature ejaculation natural treatment Lawax capsule contains the herbs Ashwagandha, Kaunch, Semul Musli, Shatavari, Safed Musli, Vidarikand, Akarkara etc.

Ashwagandha is a powerful herb globally studied by medicine-makers for its properties to increase the power of brain, reduce depression and reduce the impact of aging on brain cells. The herb has been found to be effective in rejuvenating the body as it improves memory and cognitive functions. Many global medicine companies are working on the properties of this herb to use it in their future products.

Kaunch is the herb used in the preparation of premature ejaculation natural treatment as it can provide the body with nutrition to increase testosterone. It gives a natural way to raise the level of secretions from the endocrines. Its regular intake increases sperm count, motility and volume to increase fertility level in men. This is used in the preparation of both the above given herbal capsules.

Safed Musli and Semul Musli are two types of Musli's where Safed is for white and Semul is for black color herbal extract. It is the herb which is specifically beneficial for men suffering from poor production of testosterone. It can increase the production of male fluids in body. It raises the power of male organs as it increases the flow of semen and blood into the male organs. Premature ejaculation natural treatment Musli Kaunch capsule also contains the herb Musli to empower the male organs.

Shatavari balances the flow of endocrines and is effectively used in both male and female herbal preparation.

Vidarikand is a nutritive herb which is aphrodisiac in nature and its regular intake increases libido. It prevents urinary disorders and is effective in regulating reproductive functions.

The premature ejaculation natural treatment capsules contain the herb Akarkara, which helps in raising libido. It contains alkaloids and amides which makes it effective in increasing the power of male muscles. It delays ejaculation and is commonly used by traditional ayurvedic specialists to enhance the power of male reproductive organs. It is also used for enhancing the power of nervous system. It increases the production of chemicals that promote digestion and absorption of food. It is widely known for reducing the symptoms of impotence due to its nervine and stimulating properties.


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